Arteng Pinay I

A few weeks ago, I had this very rare opportunity to talk to fellow musicians and artists about investment. And I am with great speakers as well namely Des and Krissy who I adored to the core plus with Carmi and Kassy who were equally beautiful and great hosts.

The event was held in UCC Café and my role was to discuss about the 52 Week Money Challenge. I hope the ones in there were motivated to pursue the challenge in whatever increments they prefer.

Yet this post will not tackle about the challenge. Don’t worry I have been posting about it every week so I’ll spare you with more details. This time I want to share what Des had shared in that Sunday. I am certain that many of you would be interested on her talk. And for sure, you would learn a lot from it.

To give you an overview, Des Feliciano is an art director, illustrator, photographer and dancer. She is one multi-talented girl I must say.

She started her investing journey because of the book “My Maid Invests In the Stock Market”. The title alone is so thought provoking because of the notion that maids now can do stocks. Why wouldn’t she as well.

There are things that Des stated that one needs to do prior to investing. One needs to pay debts first, increase their sources of income, build emergency fund and get protection like life insurance. I perfectly agree on these things since one cannot invest his or her emergency fund. Even more, your investment money must be your extra money. That is why adding new sources of income would be very essential.

Hence, if you are done checking those items up, here are the things you need to do. First start with a goal. What are you planning to do with your stocks? Is it for retirement, your house, your kid’s education or what not? Have a definite goal so you can be able to gauge as well the money that you would need in the process.
Investing is very essential simply because inflation is beating us up at 4%. Our savings account can only do so little at 0.375%. Whereas investments can yield up to 19% and even more. With stocks, you can earn via capital appreciation and dividends.

For average earners like us, we are encouraged to invest regularly every month in order to get a hold of the peso cost averaging in our portfolio. To know more about stocks, Des encouraged to invest in yourself by reading books and other resources with regards to stocks and investment. In the end, this will be for your financial and personal betterment. 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 11 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

P.P.S Want to know more about investing, savings, stock market and more, check out my reference here. You can download free ebooks and resources too.