The Week That Was Feb 16 - Feb 22

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Another week has come to a close. And in a few hours, we will be welcoming the last week of February. And in a matter of days, March would be upon us. Like wow, everything seems to happen so fast. So to keep track of my posts for the week, here's a quick recap.

3 Easy Businesses To Establish at Zero Capital

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In here I outlined three easy businesses that virtually anyone can venture into. The good thing is, these businesses requires no capital at all. Hence, anyone can proceed with the need to worry on how much cost should one needs to have in order to put up one. Hence, if you have been aiming to create a business this year, why not check out my three suggestions here.

5 Powerful Perspectives Of The Millionaire’s Mind

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This is an eye-opener on the mind of a millionaire. There is a clear distinction between a millionaire's mind and a poor man's mind. That is why, they have the leverage in everything they do. Even more, they emerge successful in whatever ventures they have. And it all boils down to their mind and perspective. So we are going to dissect how they think. And that is in line with this post.

3 Powerful Reasons Why the 52 Week Money Challenge Works

A guest post written by Justin Philippe Haguisan stating why the 52 Week Money Challenge works. Here are three facts that you can briefly look at in order to motivate you to do the challenge for yourself. It may not be an easy journey for us considering the increments but it will definitely be worth it.

Janitor To Businessman: A One of a Kind Man

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So you think a janitor can't be rich? Then think again. Edwin Aroma literally changed his life. What started out as a janitorial work rose up and today manages varied businesses not only in the country but also outside. We take a look at his life and how he was able to achieve those dreams of his. Indeed a great inspiration to us from rags to riches.

My Financial Bucketlist

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I don't usually create a bucketlist but with regards to my finances, I have one. I present my financial bucketlist. I am hoping to achieve these before the year ends. And I hope you would be inspired to make your own bucketlist too. This will keep us glued to our goals and will motivate us to save and invest.

5 Frugal Tips for Employees

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In here, I present five frugal tips that any employees can be able to incorporate in their system. I have tried these five and trust me I was able to save tons in the process. Being an employee entails a lot of expenses on a daily basis. However if you know a few frugal tips, you can be able to maximize your salary and even more you can save up big time.

So those were the topics we got for the past week. Expect more topics to come this week. Have a great weekend everyone.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 8 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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