The Tamayo of Tamayo’s Catering

Image from ABS CBN

When we talk about fancy and world class catering, Tamayo’s Catering would definitely be in the list. We are simply in awe with their wide array of food selection, impeccable food service and more. And we know for sure the man behind the very successful Tamayo’s Catering and is no less than Steve Tamayo.

However, do you know about his life? Do you even know how he started?

When Steve Tamayo was a little boy, he always has this deep declaration that he will be rich. He is often caught exclaiming, “I will be rich! I will be rich!”. His current wealth is a by-product of his hard work and perseverance. And now, he got his declaration. Mr. Tamayo did realize his dreams of becoming rich.
After finishing his degree, he got a job at Silahis International Hotel. His excellent performance didn’t go unnoticed by one of the guests where he invited him to work in Saudi. Steve grabbed the chance. He said, “I always aim to be the best in what I do. When I was offered a job in a hotel in Saudi Arabia, I didn’t hesitate and even told myself that I will earn the money I was supposed to earn in two years in just one year.” Because he wanted to be rich, he also got another job apart from his hotel job.

When he is back in the country on vacation, he would still find ways to generate income. He was then very popular among the locals and also the foreigners. After four years in Saudi, he applied as a waiter in Kuwait. He garnered a lot of friends in the process that supplies a lot of clothes for him which he would sell. He also started his own remittance service. This was the first 24 hour remittance service ever. Aside from his hotel job, he is also into selling foods, halayang ube, jewelry, garments and almost anything he could think of. He then opens up a shop in Kuwait named SM Fashion Wear.

However, all his hard work crumpled with the bad fate that happened to the country. His shop was invaded and ransacked. He also stayed alive and saved himself from perdition jump inside a garbage hole. Realizing that his shop can no longer be restored, he returned to the country without money. However, he was thankful he was still alive in the process.

Yet, he was determined to get back what was lost from him. He worked as an assistant manager at Heritage Hotel. He also delivers pack lunches to teachers and also has a carenderia in Sampaloc. “From teacher’s pack lunches to small-scale catering, I did it! Until I bumped into some big people who endorsed me to their friends to for big-scale food catering. That’s how I started my business in catering.”

With that, he propelled his income. Today, Tamayo’s Catering is one multiawarded company. It continually sets the standards in catering in the city and also the country. It is no wonder that this is indeed a product of a man who is dedicated and also passionate. What was once started as a dream, as a declaration has eventually come true. And Steve Tamayo definitely made it well, and made more in the process. 

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