My Financial Bucketlist

Image from Faydraco

Bucketlist as they say are the things you want to do before you die. Truth be told, I don’t keep a list of the things I want to do. However with regards to my finances, I have one. This will keep me motivated to work really hard in order to achieve my financial goals. I already have a few lists when the year started and I just want to share it to you. Who knows, my financial bucketlist could also be your bucketlist. Plus, it will also set my lists to stone, erm to the web since it is posted in the Internet.

Financial Bucketlist 1: Retirement Fund

Currently I have a retirement fund courtesy of my employer however I want to still add up to that retirement fund. I might consider adding up on top of my employer’s contribution and also have another venue where I can save up for my retirement. After all, I want to be financially free when I reach my retirement age. And as what others said, it is best to invest on your retirement as early as today. I have already beef up my emergency fund and it is time to buckle up my retirement fund.

Financial Bucketlist 2: Pay off debts

I still have two debts that I incurred years ago, one for my phone and the other one in our local cooperative. Since I so want to pay those debts off, I have attached it to a portion of my salary. That means a portion of my salary would be deducted for those debts. With that I am forced to pay it every payday. Calculating that, I could be able to pay my debts before the year ends. Oh what better way to welcome 2015!

Financial Bucketlist 3: Finish the 52 Week Money Challenge

I am sure you already have an idea what the 52 Week Money Challenge is about. I have been happily crashing out weeks after weeks because I was able to save up. Not to mention, I also do the paying it forward scheme where I save up a week in advance especially during my payday. Given that scheme, I would be able to finish the challenge earlier than expected. I know I decided to buy a bag before with that amount however I opted to put the money in stocks instead. Then I could be able to see it grow!

Financial Bucketlist 4: Give back

Throughout the years, I have been frugal with my money and my salary. I already save up some and this year I want to give back. I am still thinking what to do and how to go about it but most definitely I want to start a legacy of giving to those in need. I also want to help other individuals to be financial literate most especially in my city. I’ve heard they are open to talks and discussions about stock markets and investments. After all, I want to help others to achieve their financial goals too.

Financial Bucketlist 5: Save up more

I have a financial amount that I would want to reach this year and I have been saving up real hard to achieve it the soonest. Not to mention, working hard too for more income cash flow. It will still take months for me to achieve it given my current income however I know I will soon get there.

This bucketlist will surely keep me motivated throughout the year. It would surely be a fulfilling feeling when I get to eliminate even one from that. I know I’ll do it in the months to come. So wish me luck.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 8 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

P.P.S Want to know more about investing, savings, stock market and more, check out my reference here. You can download free ebooks and resources too.