Date and Marry Someone Who Is Frugal

Image from Green Mom

When we were asked what we look for a future wife or husband, we always enumerated things about the looks and the attitude. We want him or her cute or perhaps good looking, responsible, sweet, romantic and the list goes on. We don’t even tend to quantify how our future partner would be in terms of money. Did you even think for once about this characteristic? I bet not. We are more inclined with the looks and the personality and not monetarily. If you haven’t thought about it, I suggest include frugality as an attribute of your future partner.

So what’s frugality? By definition, this is a quality of being economical or practical with just about any expenses. Common synonyms include thriftiness. In Filipino it is kuripot.

Perhaps you might ask then, why marry someone who is frugal? Why not opt for someone who can give you all the money in the world? Here are the reasons why.

Frugal partners make the most of their money. Simply imagine how they can be able to stretch their salary for the longest time because of their frugality. Even more, they can also be able to maximize the money they’ve got. After all, they are in for cheap if not no expense alternatives.

Frugal partners think long term. Frugal individuals are great lifetime partners. True they may cringe on money and its expenses however they are doing this for the future and for your future too. This guarantees that in the long run, you will still have money to use and spend. Most frugal people save up for varied savings like emergency funds and retirements. This guarantees them that whatever happens, they still have money in times of need and in the future.

Frugal partners are good stewards of resources

Since frugal people are keen in saving up money, how much with the other resources provided to them. For sure, nothing would be put to waste in your household. Every resource is put into good use.

Frugal partners reach important goals

Most people tend to save because they are planning for something big. This also holds true for frugal individuals. They save up because they want to realize a very important goal. In the family, for sure it would be having a house, putting up a business or more. They tend to use whatever resources they have and save up to attain this. Needless to say, frugal partners are dream achievers.

Frugal partners are ready for the rainy days

If someone in the family gets sick, if you were laid off from the job, an emergency happens or what not, a frugal partner is ready and prepared to cover it up. Chances of incurring debts are minimal if not zero. Financial obstacles won’t bother you at all. Hence you and the family will be totally stress free most especially with regards to money. You can be able to redirect your time and energy to other family matters and never about money.

Frugal partners are good examples to your kids

Frugal people can show kids how to be good money managers. After all, they are good examples of such acts. Whatever his or her actions will be seen and replicated by your children. With that you can guarantee that your kids will also put much value to their money.

Frugal partners are generous

When we talk about being frugal, this does not mean that they are not generous. In fact they are. They tend to give more in the process provided that they aren’t in over their head. Same goes with casual splurging and spending. Yet, frugal partners will always be within budget and within means.

With that said, is being frugal already part of your partner qualification? I sure bet it is. However, apart from finding that quality to your future wife or husband, it would also be ideal that you get to be frugal yourself. You see being frugal is not easy. However, it is important that you got to be for yourself and for your future family. 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 5 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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