Time Management for Money Increment

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Are you always complaining that the 24 hours is not enough? Do you find yourself always in a hurry? Do you wish to have more time? Time after time?

Just like budgeting, time management is a chore. We have many things to do in a day and many things to accomplish only to find out yet again that the time we have is not enough. With that regard, we tend to sleep late, have more unfinished projects and the cycle repeats by the day.

Time is one of the things we freely have. With regards to money matters, time is money according to Benjamin Franklin. Hence, if you want to be rich, or you want to burst into a song that is I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad, you must use your time wisely. If we push into investments, time is an ally. They would often persuade you to invest today, to invest now. Because in due time after x number of years, the money that we had invested will yield greater value, millions even. As such, it is important that we make a balance between time and money. And even more, we use good time management to increment our money.
So exactly how we should do this? Here are some helpful tips.

Maximize your productive time

Do you have a particular time of the day where you feel you are more energized? Do you have that time where you work so fast or you can be able to catch up fast? That is your productive time. As such, use that productive time to do work and maximize it. For instance, I for one am productive early in the morning usually from 6AM to 9AM. I can write a 400 word article in 20-25 minutes during that time. If I will write a 400 word article at night, it will usually take me 2 hours. Knowing my productive time, I schedule all writing commitments including my blog posts. It is with that I can be able to finish a lot of tasks. And I always make an effort to wake up early just to use that productive time of mine.

 Say no to time wasters

When you are not working what are you doing? Are you navigating through your Facebook page? Are you clicking on a few friend’s name and chat with them? I am not saying Facebook is bad. But if you spend like three hours or four hours every day just to update your status, comment on some posts and more on Facebook, then I will tell you, you are wasting your time. However, if you earn from that wherein you manage your client’s Facebook page and you are generating money on that time, then that is good! And which is better? Of course the one that generates money while you’re at it. If you find yourself, idle or doing things that cannot let you earn money, it would be best that you get back on track and use it for more productive ventures that would let you acquire money. You can still surf the web and go to Facebook but again, but don’t pour much time in there to the point that you cannot be able to finish anything.


When you are aware how you spend your time, you will efficiently use it. A common time mistake that we are all guilty of is that we are not aware. For instance, we do this work and that only to find out it is already past six. Then we cram and finish things in a jiffy. If we know how much time we left here on earth, we tend to maximize the remaining time and do more things with our family and loved ones right? Because we know and we are aware. That is what I am talking about. It is ok to be engrossed with what you are doing but do not neglect time. Remember the more you pay attention to it the more efficient and productive you will be.

Spend it like money

Money is so precious that as much as possible we don’t want to spend it. Same goes with your time. As much as possible, nurture the time that you have because you will never get it back. So be frugal. Invest in activities that could help you improve your finances and your knowledge. Do not just squander it to activities that will have no impact in your life. Find ways that can help you generate money and invest your time in there.

Time is one asset that we must maximize. As much as possible, we should always be doing things that can help us improve not only our finances but also ourselves. Spend it to things that matter and spend it to those who matter. So that when we look back, we can say, we spend our time well and we didn’t regret every second of it. 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 4 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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