Kuripot Tip: WINning in Shopping

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As a girl, shopping is something I love to do. We always adore those shoes, bags, clothes and more. I was on a phase before when I am addicted to shopping and I would just get anything I want in a whim. So much for being a shopaholic eh (cough, impulse buyer, cough).

I’ve learned my financial lesson the hard way. All of my income went to clothes I rarely use. Or perhaps a pair of shoes that didn’t even sees the light of the sun and even the moon and more. Even worst, I incurred a lot of debt on my credit card. My face is absolutely horrifying every time I would open that credit card letter. Simply imagine a scene in a horror movie in the victim’s face. That’s my face right there.

After I settled my shopping debt, I know it is time for me to do something with my shopaholic attitude. This time, I incorporated WIN in it.

So what is WIN?

WIN = Wait for IT Now

I know it is supposed to be WFIT but it doesn’t read right. So let’s stick with WIN as it sounds cool.
So what is this WIN strategy?

Every time I would find something I like above 2,000 (shopping border), I would just Wait for It Now. This means that instead of buying that item now, I would simply wait and sleep on it.

Now that sounds absurd right? Why would I wait and sleep on it? Here are the reasons why.

Wait for the sale

This is one reason why I put WIN in shopping. Most of the time, if I would simply wait on it, and sooner or later the item would go on sale. I have this experience wherein I bought one expensive pair of shoes. I was happy with my purchase, no regret at all. After three days I went to the same store only to find out that the pair was now on sale. It was even 50% off. Can you imagine my dismay? I could have saved close to 1,500. Oh the horror! I felt my heart was taken out of me and I was gasping for air, hyperventilating and angry (cough exaggeration cough). But you know what I mean. That is why when there’s a store I would really like, I signed up to be included in their customer repository. They normally text or email you if they will have a sale. Then that’s the time I would go there and check if the items I want are on sale and below my 2,000 border. Oh the feeling when you get to buy something below the retail value (insert happy face here). 

A chance to save

Instead of using a credit card to purchase the item, I tend to put WIN in shopping. This means, I save up for it first before purchasing. It may take a while before I get to have a chance to buy it however it is always better to use cash instead of swiping my credit card. Plus, I am not crippling my monthly expenses because of the purchase.

Knowing if it is a need or want

The beauty of the WIN strategy is that sooner or later you will get to realize if that item is a need or a want. Oftentimes, when we shop, we always see the items as a need that is why we rush it to the cashier. Not to mention the pressure of the salesperson and their sweet words. However, when you tend to wait for it, you will have the time to think about it. You can do an assessment if that item is something you need or something you want. If it is a want, then there’s no need to purchase it. In the end, you would be able to save tons. If it is a need, then you will have to wait for it go on sale or save up for you to be able to buy it.

If it’s meant for you, it’s for you

This is my boyfriend strategy every time we shop above the 2,000. We would come back every week or every month to the store to check out if the item is still there. Then we wait for it to go on sale or save up for it. If we come back with the money and if the item is still there, then it is meant for me. If not, then boo too bad it’s not meant for me. But hey at least I can use the money instead for another purpose.

Shopping can be a life threatening situation to our wallet and bank accounts. However, if you incorporate the WIN (Wait for It Now) strategy, you will surely be able to shop smart. So on your next visit to the mall and you find something above your shopping border, resist the urge to get it and WIN your way through it.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 4 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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