Kuripot Tip: Save Away On Valentine’s Day

Image from Torange

Hello February! It is now the month of hearts and love. I bet the couples out there are already talking about Valentines plan like where to eat and where to go. Trust me I know that because my boyfriend and I have been discussing that as well. Most men do the planning to surprise their sweethearts, also the girls do. Oh love! Just how beautiful, impeccable, wonderful, delightful. Before I go mushy-mushy with this let us keep back on track with this post.

With the many things to do on Valentine’s day and our intention to give the best to our loved ones, we often disregard the value of money on this day. There’s nothing wrong with that, provided that you have the money in the first place. However, spending tons on this one day affair can be unpractical. And even more, there are special yet cheaper alternatives that lovers can do together to celebrate this very special day of the month. I am 100% sure that your partner would better appreciate this more than anything.

So are you are ready to celebrate and save on Valentine's Day? Here are some kuripot tips you can do.

Date at Home

Malls, restaurants even fastfoods would surely be full of couples on Valentine’s Day. I can still remember how my boyfriend and I restaurant hop on that day three years ago because we can’t find a place. We give up at around 8:30 and we haven’t had dinner yet. What a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. That is why, we made it a point to have dinner at the house on that day. You can also do the same. To make it extra special, cook for him or her. Make his or her favourite dish or bake his or favourite dessert. Setup a candlelight dinner at your house. Truly you would be able to spend less on food since you simply buy your ingredients. Even more, your partner would surely appreciate it since you laboured for that dish. Remember a way to a man’s/woman’s heart is through their stomachs. So show off that chef skills of yours.

Crafted Gifts

Valentine’s Day is also a day to give gifts to your lover. However, instead of searching the mall for that perfect gift and buy it, why not create one. You can personally craft a gift for him or her. The simplest one you can create is a love letter. Hand write your love away in a stationary paper. This may sound traditional but this is always appreciated and treasured. There are still many of us who loves love letters. Slip in a few sticky notes and write the things that you love about him or her. Put in his office, his favorite things and more. As for the gifts, there are many DIY projects on the web that you can follow. Be creative. Unleash that artistic part of you. There are also many great ideas on Pinterests and other DIY blogs. The more personal the gift is, the more labour you poured in, the better!


Flowers would surely bloom that day. As for the men, I am sure flowers would be on your top list to give to your girls. So how can you save up? Better buy the flowers earlier than the 14th. You see, prices tend to inflate as Valentine’s Day draws near. It would be ideal that you buy it in advance. If you want a cheaper alternative you can do the flower arranging yourself. If you have no idea at all, again Google is your friend. Search away on simple flower arrangements. 

Hugs and Kisses

If all else fails, hugs and kisses don't. Affection is something that cannot be quantified, something we can freely give yet goes a long way. Give him or her the longest hugs and the sweetest kisses. Say I love you over and over again. Such simple gestures are the sweetest. 

Cheap does not mean compromising quality. In fact, it can even add value to an item. Hence, this Valentine's Day, in spite of this one day celebration, learn how you can be able to find furgal alternatives without compromising the value of your love. Remember, your gifts must be echoing your affection to your partner. The price tag is optional. There are still special things you can give that are fairly inexpensive. Remember, showing love to your partner does not only show on this day. Make everyday a Valentine's day.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 5 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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