Behind Kuripot Pinay

The shy kuripot pinay

My financial life is one rollercoaster ride. As far as I can remember we were never financially rich. My father didn’t finish high school and my mother didn’t finish elementary. I was brought up in a very simple household. My father is the one working while my mother is a housewife. My father being a hardworking person that he is jumps from one job to the next. His longest job that I can remember is in a printing press. My mother who wants to help the family somehow opened up a small sari-sari store beside the house.

My parents always stress the value of hardwork and money. That is why I can clearly remember I was already saving up coins since I was three. Since we don’t have money to buy for that beautiful piggybank, my ‘alkansya’ is a plastic baby powder. My father will simply cut a hole at the back where I can slide those extra coins I was able to save.

The family’s finances plummeted when the printing press where my father works closes. He has been working there for the longest time and it is the only skill that he is good at. We need to move out our house since we cannot manage anymore the rent and we lived in the room of my uncle’s house which is relatively far from where I am studying. My parents resorted to selling vegetables in the market. They would wake up so early to gather the goods and sell it until 9am. Good for them if they were able to sell all. As for my case, I have to commute my way to school. My father would somehow fetch me in his bike after class.  

I can see how my parents tried their best to give us a better life than they have. My father would always talk to me about going to college and having a degree. If there’s one thing they would be able to inherit to us, it would definitely be education. Hence, my father juggles two jobs at the same time in order to prepare me for college. He worked in another printing press while selling vegetables early in the morning.

We struggled so much when I was in college. I am thankful for the scholarship that was given to me. Since the matriculation is not covered, I know my parents have been struggling to come up with the amount. I’ve heard they would ask for loans from our family friends and my father’s boss. Nonetheless, their sacrifices paid off since I was able to graduate. And I cannot be more thankful. I know they incurred a lot of debt in the process however my parents were the ones so proud during my graduation. They were able to realize a dream that they were not able to achieve themselves.

I still carried with me their teaching on hardwork and money. However, I know I fell many times with the money part since I started getting my salary. I was able to finally buy the things that I don’t have before such as gadgets, clothes and more. Instead of me helping my parents pay off my college debt, I am incurring debts on my end too. For how many years of working, I was not able to save and I am still financially struggling.
That is when I realize I need to change my finances. I started incorporating Income-Savings = Expenses. Little by little I was saving and I was able to pay not only my debts but also my college debt. I was also able to acquire a few online jobs by that time that increased my income. I am proud to say I was able to achieve the amount I never imagined to have for the longest time.

Now, with my teaching job and a few online jobs, I was able to save much per month. Some of my assets are also in my stocks and other investments. I was also able to help my parents put up our construction business. My parents are no longer selling vegetables in the market and my father is no longer employed. They run the construction business and have been very successful with many city projects under their name. Soon we will open our hardware business too. I am also self-employed with my little baking business and an online business. Not to mention my other income streams such as a few passive incomes and my investments.

Anyone is more than capable to shift their finances for the better. My money experience from my parents when I was young until I worked has brought many life lessons. Even more my financial mistakes had led me to this life that my family and I are enjoying today. What started out as a coin saving in a plastic powder bottle is now a savings in many modes. And I am proud to say that at the age of 27, I have more than enough. 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 5 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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