How You Can Be Able to Travel for Less: 5 Guaranteed Tips That Count

There is no denying that traveling entails a lot of money. There are many things to consider such as plane fare, accommodation, food expenses and so much more. Not to mention the hefty travel tax you need to spend before you fly out of the country.

Yet, traveling is surely an enriching experience. You get to know other people’s culture, how they do things, experience the country and get to do new things. If you are traveling with your partner or your family members, this can help you grow closer to each other.

Spend Your Money Too

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Now I know you might be taken aback by the title considering that this is supposed to be a frugality blog. I am Kuripot Pinay after all. But hey that doesn’t mean I don’t get to splurge sometimes.

Very often than not, we would want to buy things that are totally out of our budget. Perhaps we would like to treat ourselves sometimes by having this, traveling elsewhere and what not. We have been working tirelessly and we deserve a special treat too. Some might not embrace this notion because they would rather save up their money. Let me tell you one thing.

It is OK to spend.

Keeping Yourself Secured with Personal Insurance

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Insurance is a compensation that you can receive in replacement of a loss. You will find insurances applied to things of great worth. People secure insurances for their houses, cars, jewelry, or even mobile phones. In case of damage or loss, the insurance will provide the proper compensation to help you recover these things that are of great importance and value to you.

The terms of the insurance is always indicated on a contract. Often, the insured will be requested to make regular monthly payments. In return, the insurer promises to pay a certain amount in case of loss or damage of the insured item. However, to qualify for the insurance, the insured must pay a premium. This is an amount that has to be paid before the terms of the insurance will be valid and will apply. The premium can be financed by paying for the full amount of the cost or by paying for the amount on staggered payments or installments. The coverage for the insurance will only be valid once the premium is financed.

How We Were Able to Travel to Malaysia for Free

Traveling for us is considered a luxury. Considering the many things we need to pay each month and the financial goals we would want to achieve on a yearly basis, we tend to put aside traveling to international destinations. But we see to it that we can go out of town during our anniversary.

It is just during this year that we planned to go somewhere and start traveling outside the country. This is so we can slowly accumulate stamps in our passport and apply for a US visa soon. My mother in law and my husband’s sister is already in the US with a lot of their relatives and we would want to visit them soon.

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