Let us welcome 2019 with a goal to do and finish the 52 Weeks Money Challenge yet again. I have successfully completed our 2018 Challenge with 100 increment where we were able to save as much as 137,800. This time, my husband and I are thinking of doing the 200 increment in order to save 275,600 or the 500 increment in order to save 689,000. But one thing is for sure, we would like to be able to save 6-digit again this year and we are definitely increasing the increment this year.

How I Pursued my Dream to Experience USA

So you think you can’t go to the US for free? Well that was exactly my thought years ago too. I thought you would need hundred of thousands of pesos just to go there. Not to mention the effort you need to go through to apply to the embassy and the emotional distress you would experience in the process.

The Most Important Things to Pay Attention When You Compare Personal Loans

If you are in immediate need of money and need to take a loan with the least amount of hassle and interest, a personal loan is definitely your best option. These days you can apply for a personal loan easily through an online portal, and the rate of interest will be lower than all other credit options. If you have valid reasons, getting personal loans to become all the easier. 

6 Mobile Apps to Help You Save Money

If there’s such thing as a universal everyday struggle, it would be saving money. It’s just too difficult. Well, except for the well-off who don’t need to. But if you’re among the working class and is not yet rich, it would be wrong not to make an effort to save money. Otherwise, you’ll keep on living from paycheck to paycheck and wouldn’t be able to buy your dream house anytime soon.