Wake Up and Save Up

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There has been a lot of articles that talks about waking up as early as 5 AM and how it can be able to boost one’s productivity. There has even a lot of readings that talks about how successful people started their day and it all boils down to one thing, they wake up early. This means they can get ahead of everyone and with longer time in their hands, they can be able to do and finish a lot of things.

Since waking up early in the morning has proven to increase one’s productivity, I can’t help but also stitch the notion if waking up that early can also help you save money. Who knows, this might be the trick for you to be able to save and turn your finances around. So I set up an experiment of waking up early for one month and how this practice helped me save a lot.

Prepare Christmas Expenses as Early as September With These Tips

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We all know how expensive Christmas is in the Philippines. There are the usual gift giving not only to the immediate family members but also your friends. Almost everyday there are celebrations in different houses. Not to mention the varied Christmas parties you need to attend.

The holidays seem like a stream of celebrations to us Filipinos. And that only entails cost that builds up over time. No wonder, this is also the most expensive season because of the many expenses the holiday entails.

5 Household Tips to Counter the 6.4 Inflation Rate

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Over the past few days, my Facebook feed is filled with the 6.4 inflation rate. As a wife and a Filipino, there is no denying that the country’s inflation has been rising. And this definitely impacts our finances.

10 Easy Rakets You Can Do At Home

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Having that extra income arm is always a YES in my book. Simply imagine the bills it could pay and how much money it can add to your monthly cash inflow. However, having that so called “raket” did not mean getting out of the house in order to earn. There are still sidelines you can effectively do even if you are staying at home. Below are inspirations to get you started.
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