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Interested to own a business? What business would that be?

We all dreamed of owning a business or two. I mean who wouldn’t? It would be lovely that you have another source of income. More so, you are no longer bounded to an 8 to 5 job. More free time for you then.

Realistic Financial Resolutions For 2017

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It has been a practice to identify and write up a new year’s resolutions or two. The reason being is that we want to improve ourselves somehow and be better for the new year. However, oftentimes if not many times we failed to achieve our resolutions. True we might be dedicated in the first few months, yet our motivation level and even our will power will start to spiral down in the later months of the year. Then when a new year is about to dawn again, we make the same old resolutions only to fail again. This holds true with regards to our finances.

Our 5 Financial Resolutions For 2017

They say if you would want to further solidify your goals, write it and share it. Because of that, you will be accountable with your actions and more responsible in realizing it. With that being said, I am sharing our financial resolutions for the year.

2017 will be pretty different. Simply because I am already married. When you are, you will have totally different financial plans that you should consult with your partner. And these are not only mediocre plans but rather big ones too.

52 Weeks Money Challenge 2017

What better way to welcome 2017 by doing the 52 Weeks Money Challenge "again". If you are still looking for a New Year’s Resolution or two, perhaps you could include this new saving habit. Trust me, I’ve done this as well as countless others who emerged successful and flawlessly completed the challenge. More than getting the desired amount by the end of 52 weeks, you are guaranteed to be able to come up with the habit of savings. And that is far more important because you get to value your money more.

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