How We Were Able to Travel to Malaysia for Free

Traveling for us is considered a luxury. Considering the many things we need to pay each month and the financial goals we would want to achieve on a yearly basis, we tend to put aside traveling to international destinations. But we see to it that we can go out of town during our anniversary.

It is just during this year that we planned to go somewhere and start traveling outside the country. This is so we can slowly accumulate stamps in our passport and apply for a US visa soon. My mother in law and my husband’s sister is already in the US with a lot of their relatives and we would want to visit them soon.

Earning Money By Renting Your Home To Tourists Seasonally

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Renting home to tourists seasonally, otherwise known as vacation rental, can earn good money for property owners who have the right house and location. These privately owned vacation properties or holiday homes give holiday and vacation accommodations more variety.  Apart from the usual hotel, motel and traveler’s inn, tourists can now choose to stay at some local studio apartments, cottages, condominium units, townhouses, single-family-style homes or private villas. Posts for these vacation rentals can found in various travel destination sites, catering to all nomads who are exploring the beauty of the planet in all sorts and corners.

Just think about airbnb!

What to Consider Before Getting a Life Insurance

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Getting insurance is one of the most important things in life that you should definitely consider. There are different insurance types available for you today such as car insurance, travel insurance, etc. However, one of the most popular types of insurance is the life insurance as most people think that this is something much more of a necessity than the others.

Avoiding Debt with Sensible Habits

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Keeping yourself away from getting into a debt is probably one of the most daunting tasks there is, especially if you are the type of person who tend to spend money on big things you may not need.

Debts are usually the outcome of one’s unwise spending habits. Unless your debt is for a positive purpose, such as making investments that will allow you to earn extra income or obtain more assets in the future, then foregoing impulsive and unnecessary purchases just to avoid debt is highly recommended. Thankfully, my best friend happens to be an accountant. Her sensible habits have brushed over me and that helped me stay off the debt grid.

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