12 Ways to Become a Millionaire

It happens all the time.

Whenever a scene in a movie flashes a view of the mansion, luxury cars, piles of cash - you get the picture - I can’t help but think, “Wish I was that loaded”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to break from the daily grind and live YOLO-style, even just for once?

One Thing I Would Do If I Win the Lotto

Image from Philstar

The hype is indeed real with the recent lotto pot. Imagine getting as much as 800 million for a meager 24 pesos. That is if you were really lucky, I mean real lucky. No wonder lines are getting long in lotto outlets and a lot of social media posts too.

The chances of winning the ultra lotto is really slim. If you want to really cover all possible combinations, the total number is 40,475,358. That means your chances of winning it is 1 in 40.5 million. If you want to bet in all these combinations, you might end up spending up close to 1 billion. Should you win the 800 million, you still owe 200 million and in the first place, where can you get 1 billion?

Top 5 Tips to Save Money When Buying a Condo or a House

Image from Lamudi

ABSTRACT: Owning a home is not only the most important investment to have, but it is also the most expensive purchase one can ever make in a lifetime. Here are five practical tips on how to save money when buying your dream condominium unit or house.

Owning a home is like a rite of passage that many of us dream of. Having a home means establishing roots and having a place that is truly one’s own. 

Wake Up and Save Up

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There has been a lot of articles that talks about waking up as early as 5 AM and how it can be able to boost one’s productivity. There has even a lot of readings that talks about how successful people started their day and it all boils down to one thing, they wake up early. This means they can get ahead of everyone and with longer time in their hands, they can be able to do and finish a lot of things.

Since waking up early in the morning has proven to increase one’s productivity, I can’t help but also stitch the notion if waking up that early can also help you save money. Who knows, this might be the trick for you to be able to save and turn your finances around. So I set up an experiment of waking up early for one month and how this practice helped me save a lot.

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