Wake Up and Save Up

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There has been a lot of articles that talks about waking up as early as 5 AM and how it can be able to boost one’s productivity. There has even a lot of readings that talks about how successful people started their day and it all boils down to one thing, they wake up early. This means they can get ahead of everyone and with longer time in their hands, they can be able to do and finish a lot of things.

Since waking up early in the morning has proven to increase one’s productivity, I can’t help but also stitch the notion if waking up that early can also help you save money. Who knows, this might be the trick for you to be able to save and turn your finances around. So I set up an experiment of waking up early for one month and how this practice helped me save a lot.

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#1: Cook breakfast. One advantage of being able to wake up early is the time you will have to make your breakfast. Alas, you won’t need to rush to your nearest fastfood chain or go to your preferred coffee shop to get that morning boost or coffee fix. Since you have more time in your hands, you get to brew your favorite coffee, cook rice and your preferred breakfast treat. You can even prepare your go-to cereal because you simply have the time to do it. When you cook your breakfast at home, guaranteed you won’t be spending to eat out hence major savings indeed in your wallet. Eating a hearty breakfast can also help put our hunger and appetite at bay. Our body and our tummy will not be craving for food every hour that we can even forget eating snacks. Again, you can be able to save up.

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#2: Bring lunch. We often cook a lot of food for breakfast in order to have some extra for lunch. There are tons of savings you can do in the process. For one, you can bring those extra foods for lunch at the office and you don’t get to cook the second time too. This can eventually save gas and energy as you get to cook once for already two meals. What I love more is I get to bring some to the office hence I don’t need to spend for lunch and other related cravings.

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#3: More time for public commute. One of the common reason why we take a taxi is when we are almost late for work. But perhaps if you have more time in your hand, you can be able to take the public transportation instead. This way, you can be able to save your money for public commute rather than taking a taxi. When you wake up early and you have more hours to spare, this means you have an option to take the less expensive one.

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#4: Me time. The good thing about waking up early is you get to have the time for yourself. After all, the house is quite and almost everyone is still asleep. This provides a good time for reflection and discernment. You can be able to get a hold of your budget for the day, perhaps check recent expenses and even identify if you are realizing your money goals for the month or the year. This can be a good time to rethink of your strategies and be ready for a new day.

These are some of the things you can be able to save up if you happen to wake up really early. Simply imagine the amount you can be able to save in a month or even in a year when you tend to do these things. I’m sure the values will add up and in no time at all, you can be able to save more. So take this challenge and wake up early.

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