How We Were Able to Travel to Malaysia for Free

Traveling for us is considered a luxury. Considering the many things we need to pay each month and the financial goals we would want to achieve on a yearly basis, we tend to put aside traveling to international destinations. But we see to it that we can go out of town during our anniversary.

It is just during this year that we planned to go somewhere and start traveling outside the country. This is so we can slowly accumulate stamps in our passport and apply for a US visa soon. My mother in law and my husband’s sister is already in the US with a lot of their relatives and we would want to visit them soon.

Hence, when an opportunity to travel to Malaysia for free was presented to us, who are we to reject it right? It surely is a great blessing to be able to see the world for less and perhaps not spending a cent. Frugal traveling is the best way to go after all. I mean come on it is an international travel with free round trip tickets and accommodation. That is one pretty sweet deal. So exactly how we did it?

We won in a raffle! Yes, you read that right.

Believe it or not I am a fan of raffle. But only to brands that I tend to use all the time. We were fortunate to win a raffle sponsored by Cignal and HBO Asia. They have two raffles at that time, trip to Taiwan to witness the premier night of HBO’s new series Miss Sherlock and trip to Malaysia to visit the Westworld exhibit. I was really eyeing for the Taiwan trip since we are visa-free until July. But having won the Malaysia trip instead is still a better option to none. We have been a prepaid Cignal subscriber for quite some time.

So when a Cignal representative informed my husband that we won, we really can’t believe his luck. I guess he is the lucky one between us two. What we get would be a 3-days 2-nights trip to Malaysia with free round trip tickets; accommodation and free breakfast. Lucky! And talk about a lot of savings too.

Day 1:

Airfare is free and we get to experience the hospitality of Malaysia Airlines. Oh they were kind to pay for our travel taxes too. Savings, savings, savings!

No need to pay for airport transfer since we were greeted personally by Jorge from HBO Asia with a van to take us to our accommodation. Savings again, check!

Our beautiful accommodation for three days is in Sunway Pyramid Hotel. Cheapest room price is at 8,100. Big savings again!

The Sunway Pyramid Hotel is very near the Sunway Pyramid Mall where we were ushered to the Westworld exhibit. First thing to do would be to visit the exhibit and enjoy the varied Westworld activities. Their simulation of the Westworld series is awesome too.

We ended rather early with no more events to do. So my husband and I decided to explore Kuala Lumpur. First stop is the iconic landmark, Petronas Tower.

Note: The subway system of the city is very efficient. Maximize your trips for less by riding their subway. And do keep your coins. Most of their ticketing outlets is via their machines so better bring the exact amount.

A typical Filipino going to foreign lands would have to bring back pasalubong! And we know we can get many for less, and that is in Chinatown. So off we go. We were able to buy ref magnets, keychains, Petronas Tower memorabilia and pork jerky for my husband. Do not be afraid to haggle and ask for a much lower price. Sellers there are kind and considerate.

Day 2:

Our hotel is just very near the popular Sunway Lagoon so we opted to experience their water park and its attractions. To save money for our meal like snacks and lunch, we carbo load during breakfast and eat a lot. Savings again, check!

This is not part of the free package though and we paid for this one. We explored the lagoon until the afternoon.

We were already done with our pasalubong shopping and for our last night in Kuala Lumpur we decided to watch Infinity Wars in Sunway Mall.

Note: They don’t have a cashier in place in their cinema and in order to book your tickets, you need to use their machine too. Plus, you don’t need to be there so early as you will only be allowed inside the cinema 10 minutes before the time. Don’t worry they have trailers too.

Day 3:

Our flight back is at 10AM so we need to head early to the airport. After a heartful breakfast, we were ushered back by HBO Asia to the airport. Savings again, check!

It was definitely a short trip but truly a good one. We were not able to explore other landmarks like Batu Caves, Legoland, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the city. I guess that indicates we need to head back there to get to see and experience more of Kuala Lumpur.

Thank you once again Cignal for this free travel opportunity with HBO Asia and Westworld. And thank you to our great hosts Jorge and Lih for assisting us. It truly was one memorable trip, not to mention we get to be in Malaysia for free.

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