How to Make an Extra 1K, 10K and 20K in the Next Month

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Who doesn’t want to make extra bucks in the next month right? Considering that the holiday is dawning near and the amount of money you need to spend, having that extra thousand or two can certainly help. True we would need to make that extra money fast but we shall be avoiding ridiculous money making schemes and scams.

If you are looking to earn an extra 1K, 10K and 20K, here are the possible tips you can do to attract that cash.

How to Make an Extra 1K in the Next Month

Tip 1: Cut off expenses

Getting an extra 1K this month and the next is as easy as cutting a few expenses. You might want to lessen your groceries for the month and focus on necessities. You might not eat for the next few days in malls and expensive places. You might want to content yourself with that store bought 3in1 coffee rather than your usual frappes.

Tip 2: Cut and lessen bills

Another way to get an extra 1K would be to cut bills for the next month. For example, you can opt not to load your cable for the next month as it costs an extra 1K. You can also lessen some of your bills like your postpaid or prepaid phone plans.

Tip 3: Sell preloved items

If you have items hiding in your closet that’s collecting dust, it would be ideal to sell a few in order to earn some cash. You can make money fast by selling it directly to your friends or online venues like eBay and OLX. So better check your closet and look items that still looks good that you can sell.

How to Make an Extra 10K in the Next Month

Tip 1: Negotiate your salary

There is no denying that getting a raise is the fastest way to make more money. However, Filipinos are often shy to ask for such. Start by setting up a conversation with your boss and just do it. If you think you really deserve a raise because of your good performance and company contribution, it would be ideal to talk it out to your boss and discuss pay raise.

Tip 2: Work overtime

Companies are very generous with overtime pay and even working during the weekend. This can be a good avenue for you to earn more. But of course you need to be productive with those extra hours and extra shift. You might want to do this in order to free up some working days for December. Hence, you would be working in advance while earning more.

How to Make an Extra 20K in the Next Month

Tip 1: Get a freelance job

It is actually easy to get a freelance job today. There are already a lot of online jobs that can get you started. Start with jobs that you are confident doing like article writing and data entry. Create a great resume and start applying on jobs you can handle. Just make sure that you will have a lot of extra time in your hands apart from your usual 9 to 5 job.

Tip 2: Create a business

You can make money by starting your business be it online or offline. There are a lot of free ecommerce sites where you can start uploading photos of your products. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are also two good avenues to feature your products online. For offline business, you can setup a garage sale in your backyard or perhaps join bazaars in malls and other key places in your areas.

Making extra money for the next month can require a lot of thought and sacrifices. Regardless of how much you need though, there’s always a way or ways on how to do it. You might want to revisit on the tips stated above. It is not bad after all to have an extra 1K, 10K or 20K for next month right?

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