Are we Really Too Young to Think About the Future?

Blogpost from Dan Punzalan. Shared with permission.

As a millennial, I share the same struggles of every young professional.

The world moves so fast and quite a lot of things are too alluring not to notice, like the sleek iPhone 7, the fancy instagram worthy restaurant or the enticing seat sale. At the end of the day, we then realize that while money comes easily, it goes easily too.We are at an age when we feel like we can conquer the world, that we have the means to try new things, we are excited about what is happening next and somehow we tend to invest too much on our ego, but not much on our future.

The past years have given me so much opportunities to discover the world and to indulge in the liberty of being in the working class but at some point, I got myself lost in the very busy pace of life. I was too focused on now, that I somehow forgot about the future.I was too captivated by what my earnings can afford me, trendy clothes, complicated gadgets and overly priced food. My thinking was that I was young, I had no rush to think about the future so might as well enjoy today to the fullest, Yolo they say.

But I was wrong.

It is never really too early to start thinking about the future. Millennials get the impression that it is such a challenge to let us understand how to be future oriented, and I can't blame our generation. There's just so much happening around us that we can easily get distracted about the need to be practical.

Financial security is often times considered less of a priority to most of us. We save money out of what is left out from our expenses instead of the other way around. This is why "linggo de peligro" was born, because we do not live below our capacity.

As a traveler, I had the privilege to interact and meet with young people from first world countries. They are just as hardworking as we are, but they are more financially stable. Not because they are born at the right country, but because they understand how money works and they have given attention to the investment system, which is actually the core hope that we have right now.

It is a bit frustrating to hear fellow young professionals who can't see the significance of planting investments at an early start. I have to admit, I too didn't see its relevance in the beginning, but when I earned my License to practice as a Financial Consultant, I have found my advocacy to help fellow millennials improve the ways we live, not just for today, but for the next few years. I went through the entire process that a struggling millenial faces and it has given me so much learning having been able to go through that, and pleasure to be able to do something for myself and for others.

Everyday that we delay, we lose money. And we don't necessarily understand what that means; that this is the scary part.

I believe we can get ourselves out of the third world climate we are living in, we just really have to start now. If you feel like you've been working but still couldn't feel even a bit of financial security, then something clearly needs to be done.

Imagine, the pride and the security to say, that "Hey, I'm young, but I am already an investor". Ah, that feeling.

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