Save 5,000 and Up by Dropping these Luxuries

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You might not notice this but you might be losing a small fortune because of these so called luxuries. Though it might be minor, these indulgences can add up rather quickly. And when we sum it all up, it could mean a really huge difference.

That is why it would be very important that we get to re-examine whether our hard earned money are going over these everyday luxuries. Even more, re-evaluate your spending so that your money won’t dry up because of these unnecessary treats. Do remember a quote from Benjamin Franklin: beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship.

Here are little expenses that you might want to revisit.

Eating Out

You are tired from all the hard work and hey you deserve something better during your breaks and at the end of the day. That is why you are readily thinking now what to eat during lunch and even dinner. And the best option for you is to eat out. You might say hey I am just spending 100 pesos for every meal but 100 pesos in a month’s time translate to 2,000. How much more if you spend more. While there is nothing wrong to treat yourself to that well deserved meal, eating out everyday can literally eat up most of your salary. In order to curb spending, I always suggest bringing home cooked meals during lunch and head straight home to prepare your meal for dinner. Any excess meal can be reheated for your lunch the following day. Even more, the 2,000 that you get to spend for those eating out adventures can go a long way for groceries that will be good for a week. Packing your lunch not only save you money but also the sweat and the time to head out from your office and line up in the restaurant.

Premium Coffees

You needed that extra boost early in the morning that is why a quick trip to your favourite coffee place is a must. You must sip that hot cappuccino now or else you would be cranky and unmotivated the entire day. Well, my dear it is all a matter of money and perspective. While coffee might be considered a necessity, blowing up 150 for a cup is already unnecessary. If you happen to do this on a regular basis, you end up spending 3,000 a month. Simply imagine if you just got to save that money instead. I am sure 3in1 coffees would do the same trick. Add perhaps a little syrup or cream of choice. You can even brew your own coffee at home that can literally help you save a lot.

Unmaximize Phone Plans

There’s nothing wrong with having a postpaid plan. I got one years ago yet dropped it simply because it became so expensive for me. It seriously eats up my salary. Phone plans are good provided that you maximize the plan. However, some of us get overboard with the plan only to use so little. Perhaps it would be best that you re-evaluate your postpaid use. Make sure that you are only paying for the right data usage. If it isn’t, ask for a plan that would best fit your demand.

Premium Cable Plans

I never really fancy cable plans. We didn’t even have one installed in our house right now. The reason being is that we are always acquainted with the series provided by local stations. More so, who watches TV nowadays? Most of the time, I am facing my computer and the Internet which is already one very rich resource. Plus, we don’t really gather together to watch TV. Hence, adding another expense would be deemed unnecessary.

These are just some of the many luxuries that we tend to spend almost every day. Even more, these are literally eating up our finances from the inside. Once you know these small leaks, you can be able to patch up in order to earn something bigger by month’s end.

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