Our Non-Negotiable Wedding Expenses

Our wedding album

Exactly two days from now, it would be our 3rd Wedding Monthsary. Yes we are cheesy like that and we tend to celebrate monthsaries. Just today, we received our wedding pictures and this is the perfect way to reminisce the ceremony and the celebration.

During the entire wedding preparation, there were times that I would want to go overboard and over budget. After all, there is this voice inside me saying that our wedding would only come once in our lifetime. Cringing and being kuripot should be out of the question. Yet many would advise to prepare the marriage more rather than the wedding.

In spite of the tug of war inside my head on money and the like, a friend of mine told me to identify the wedding expenses that are considered non-negotiable. These are the expenses you would rather go overboard or over-budget simply because it can last after the wedding. I realize she was indeed right. It would be ideal to spend more on the things that will go beyond the celebration and stick with us for the rest of our lives. Which is why, these are our non-negotiable wedding expenses we would like to share.

Wedding Rings

One great item to spend on for your wedding would be your wedding rings. This is perhaps one of the top priorities of the couple. After all, this could last after the wedding and the reception. And you will both wear this every single day. What better way to remember your wedding and your love than by looking at those wedding bands. That is why, it must be something that the two of you should like. The wedding rings need not be expensive. As long as you both like it and it fits well your ring finger. Scout for discounts on wedding rings. You can even ask pieces of jewelries from both of your parents that can be recreated as your wedding bands.

Awesome Pictures and Videos

Another item that would look past and beyond the celebration would be your wedding pictures and videos. That is why, invest in photographers and videographers that can generate the pictures you want. Each photographer has their own blend and taste on their pictures. Scout for the ones that would fit both your preferences. There might be cheap photographers around however always look for their portfolio. They will be the ones after all to capture every moment that you and your partner will relive forever. Remember, your wedding only comes once yet the memories in the pictures and the videos can last a lifetime. Good photographers might be expensive yet they will be worth every centavo of that investment.


There are two things that your guests can remember about your wedding; the food and the feeling. The feeling is something hard to manipulate because this still depends on the guests themselves. Yet the food, you can always maneuver. We both love to eat. That is why good food should be in place. Filipinos love to eat a lot during celebrations too. Which is why we choose a hotel where the food will never fail us. More than the prize, we also see to it that the feedbacks are nice with regards to their menu. It might be common however it should be delicious. Again it should be delicious. Good thing that the hotel has a package for their food too. They even have varied options to mix some of their sets.

Church and Ceremony

The most crucial and perhaps the most important thing in any wedding is the ceremony. After all, this will realize everything and make both of you official before God and the society. Since we are both Catholics, we spend time and money to get our church documents ready. We even attend the necessary seminars and complete the things stated. As much as possible, do not cringe on Church and ceremony fees.

These are our wedding priorities and our non-negotiable wedding expenses. It all depends on the couple on what would be their top lists and the things they would want to spend more with regards to their wedding budget. What is important is to communicate it with your partner and make sure your goals and priorities are aligned.

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