5 Easy Grocery Hacks to Help you Save Money

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Getting married entails going to the grocery every so often. Gone are the days you would be shopping only for yourself. You are already buying for your spouse and more so for your kids.

Groceries are pretty expensive. And that’s a fact. It can literally eat up the couple’s salary. Mostly groceries get a huge portion in a couple’s budget. However, we simply can’t avoid it completely. It is a need to begin with. In spite of it being an expense, we actually can control just how much. By shopping smarter, we can be able to stretch our limited budget. Plus, we even be wise with our choices. If you are kuripot like me, this will definitely make you and your wallet smile.

Hack 1: Plan, plan, plan

The first thing you need to plan would be to schedule your grocery time. How frequent should you and your spouse do it in a month? Are you planning to do it twice a month, once a week or what not? Knowing when to do your grocery shopping can lead you to plan your grocery items as well. Do not simply go to the mall and decide to do your groceries right then and there. Spur of the moment grocery shopping can be a useless expense. Plus, you get to buy things that are considered wants rather than needs. It would be essential to do your grocery shopping few days after getting your salaries. This is to avoid other consumers who would be going to the groceries in time of their paydays.

The next thing to plan would be the budget. Realize how much percentage from your salary should go to your groceries. As much as possible this shouldn’t take almost all of it. As for our case, we tend to spare 20% of our combined salary to our groceries.

Finally, the last thing to plan would be the ones to get. Prioritize listing downs the needs such as toiletries, meat, rice and vegetables. If you’ve got kids, list first their needs such as milk, diapers and their food. Always plan your meals and make a list. Different households have different priorities. It would be best to take a list first of the things you need to buy from the groceries then pick the ones that are needed. Make sure that when you do, the total number of items can stretch until your next grocery date.

Hack 2: Shop somewhere cheap

More than knowing what to buy, it is also important to know where to buy. Although big grocery malls are pretty convenient, don’t be afraid to check out your local market and even alternative groceries. They might not be fancy and air-conditioned but trust me when I say that you will get a lot more from your money. Good examples would be our public markets. They are always a treasure and a money-saver too.

Hack 3: Stick to the list

Once you already have your lists written, stick to it. Walking into the store without one can be a scary thing. It can lead to impulse buying which makes you spend more and get items you don’t need at all. Moreover, you will easily be distracted with the items on sale and the ones sold in bundles.

Hack 4: Use your phone’s calculator

Bringing a calculator is so old school. Since we have our phones with us why not put it to better use. Use it as your calculator. Since you already have a budget in tow, make sure that the total number of items does not go overboard. If that’s the case, why not lessen the kilos of that beef or pork. Are there way cheaper alternatives to this item? Would you consider buying this in your local sari-sari store so the quantity and the price can be lessened? When you have a budget, you can be critical with any purchase.

Hack 5: Be critical

Just because that soda is 50% doesn’t mean you get to buy it. Do you even drink that? Just because your favourite bread spread is on sale doesn’t mean you also get that? Do you even remember you have three other spreads at your pantry waiting to be opened? Not because something is on sale doesn’t mean you already saved. In the end you also get to spend money. Have an inventory of your pantry every single time. Weigh out the purchases and only buy what you need.

There are still easy ways for you to save money on groceries. Always investigate your grocery purchases and also your money. Do not forget to keep your receipts or even take a picture of it so you can have a quick scan how much money you are spending on groceries. Should you have other hacks, I would love to hear them.

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