4 Ways for You to Make An Extra 5,000 to 10,000 Quickly

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I have been keen in venturing into many side income ventures for the past years. Of course, who wouldn’t want that extra cash every month right? I bet you can also benefit should you be able to make even 10,000 a month. How much more if you can generate more. That would just be divine.

Having that extra money by the end of the month can translate to many things. For one, it can help with our everyday expenses. It can even alleviate debts should you have one. Yet, we might be taken aback with the idea simply because we might have a lot in our plate. Of course when we would want that extra money right in our pockets, we need to earn that. And earning it could entail more work.

However, should you decide to know the secrets to stash 5,000 to even 10,000 more you might be interested with the following suggestions.

Online Jobs

I have been an advocate of online jobs simply because I have directly benefited from it. In fact, I am earning more with my online jobs compared to my day job. I get started by applying at on job postings that fits my strength. There are even other sites that you can go such as elance and upwork. Registration is free and you can browse varied job postings immediately. They even match your skills with the job posts database. You can land a part time job or a full time one. You can even bag projects and be paid by contract. Part time rates usually start at 10,000 depending on the job. Usually this could go higher especially in the field of computing and programming. There are even projects that can go for just a few days and you can earn more than 10,000 such as writing ebooks, proofreading and a whole lot more. If you have more time to spare during the day and the skills, consider landing an online job.

Products Side Business

Starting a business can be tedious. That is why, if you would want to test the feasibility of your business and the market, you might want to try first a side business. Good examples of side businesses that you can venture during your spare time would be foods. Your baked cakes can go as much as 500 and up depending on your baking skills. Baked goods like cupcakes begin for 20 pesos and above. You can then sell it by set or by dozens. If you are not keen towards baked goodies you can always jump to food. Healthy foods are already the trend nowadays. If you can arrange healthy and hearty menus everyday this could be a good business for you. A friend delivers healthy foods in various offices for 1,500 a week per person.

Services Side Business

A good friend of mine is a bankable emcee during weddings and birthdays and he gets paid 6,000 per event. And he only gets to do this for three hours. If you are a DJ, local rates begin at 5,000. You might also consider tutoring. Rates are usually per hour and it depends on the subject. One can charge 200-300 per hour for example. You can even charge on a monthly basis.

Sell items

Selling would never grow old. This is in fact the simplest way you can do in order to earn. You might have old stuffs that still looks good or perhaps needs a little improvement then you can sell. There are already good platforms where we can sell old stuffs such as ebay and olx. If you want to go local, you can always setup a garage sale in your neighbourhood or join a local bazaar.

Perhaps you might have any other ideas for making extra money. It would be great to explore other possibilities aside from the four stated above. Indeed there are many ways for one to earn more. You just have to exert a little more time and effort.

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