Manny’s Money Motivation: Financial Inspirations from Pacman

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With Manny bringing yet another victory to his name and to the country, there is no doubt that as a Filipino we are proud. In spite of his loss from few years’ Mayweather fight, he has proven that he is still legend. And he still got what it takes to be called indeed the People’s Champ.

Truth be told, I haven’t watch the fight. But seeing the almost real time feeds on my social media made me cringe for the updates. Nevertheless, it was literally heart warming that Manny yet again has won.

But more than being the face of boxing and a public servant, there are still many things to admire about this man. And with that, it is best to look at those facets today.

#1 Money in Passion

There is no denying how Manny loves boxing. Even during his teens he strives to be the best boxer that he can be. It is no secret how the boxing superstar started. He was determined back then to get his family out of poverty. From there, he started joining amateur boxing and trained long and hard in spite of financial difficulties. He can’t even afford to buy new shoes and gloves back then. At the age of 14, he went to Manila to become a prizefighter. The road was not easy. He was forced to work his butt off not only in the ring but other jobs that he can find. Truly it was painful for a once fragile man that he was. Yet, he knows what he wants, and that is to make it big in the world of boxing. No wonder a boxing glove was tattooed in his heart. This symbolizes his passion for the sport. With that, look where he is right now. Look where his passion has taken him. This proves the point that there is indeed money in passion. If we work really hard for what we love, it can indeed bring us wealth and success. More so, the journey would be made more enjoyable.

#2 Give and share

More than boxing, Manny is known as one great benefactor. He truly is the People’s Champ. As a matter of fact, one can no longer determine how much Manny donated to the less fortunate already. There have been many tales how generous his heart is. And this is not merely driven because he is a politician. Even before entering the world of politics, people have already affirmed how Manny has been helping them.  When my home town is struck with Sendong in 2011, it was believed he donated a million to my city. Even more, his generosity does not only span in his home province and in Mindanao but also other areas of the country. One might exclaim that he already has enough to share and provide. While that might be true but everyone has the capability to give and share. It might not be as huge that of Manny but do remember that we are but stewards of God’s grace.

#3 Don’t stop after defeat instead go beyond

Even if Manny is at its peak of his career, he never made it there without defeats. He never had a spotless record. His greatest defeat would be that of Mayweather. Yet, he didn’t stop. And just yesterday, he emerged victorious against Bradley. Losing is part of life. Yet, losing is but a step for us to fail or to succeed. I can still remember what a mentor told me about business and life in general. Do not aim to fail OR to succeed. Instead aim to fail AND succeed. The play of words made a significant impact. Yes, we fail but at best succeed from it and not succumb to the failure. Investing our money for instance is not always a guarantee for success for instance in the stock market. However, should we fail, learn from the mistakes and go beyond. Strive to learn more so you will never face the same kind of failure in the future. Notable businessmen experienced a lot of failures. There was never a 100% recipe for success. In fact, successes are built on fragments of failures.

Manny is not only a boxing legend but indeed an inspiration to many. So take into account this living epitome of success and build our future in accordance to his principles. At least with it, we are not getting punch in the boxing ring. Yet life is the boxing ring itself. Roll with the punches and emerge victorious in your own field.

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