Marriage and Money: Getting Started With the New Journey

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Yey I’m back to blogging and guess what I’m married! The last three months has been a whirlwind of things and emotions. Plus, I don’t have a stable Internet back home hence I was not able to update and more so share the journey. After the wedding, we were able to move to a different house and just yesterday our stable Internet was installed. So I am back to my blogging grind and I am just so happy.

Days before I get married, my officemates family threw me a bridal shower. However, it is not that usual bridal shower where they hired someone to dance and well entertain me. It was intimate and family-oriented (mind you). Plus we have our male instructors with us too (not only exclusive to females).

The most memorable moment perhaps during the said bridal shower was the sharing and advices of the married individuals in the office. Many of them shared about the excitement of marriage and the woes that comes with it. Yet, they kept it within a span of five years since I am just starting out. One common topic that they tackled is about money. After all, this is one hot topic among many married couple.

We are still new to this new milestone and we don’t have experiences to back us up yet. After all, we have been married for less than two weeks. Yet, hearing experienced couples take their share and thoughts, we have managed to summarize and highlight some points that will help us get started with regards to money.

Here are the important points:

Talk About It. We have different ways in handling money. However, when one gets married we are involving another person in our money and finances. That other individual will have a money approach different from your own. Same goes with my husband. That is why in order to patch up the differences, it is very important to talk about it. Be open with money related issues and talks. Do not be afraid to discuss this with your partner.

Set Rules. During the discussion, decide on money rules you both would want to impose in your household. Good examples would be giving the husband’s salary to the wife. Decide if everything will be given or the husband will have to set aside some percentage before giving to the wife. If both are working, is opening a joint account ideal? Would you be opening separate bank accounts? The important thing in setting up financial rules in the household is that both will have to agree on the parameters. After all, you will now have the same mission as husband and wife.

Don’t Argue. Both should not fight with regards to money. Although money is very essential in every household, this should not cause any heartaches and pains. Even my officemates recommended not fighting about it. Should there be misunderstandings, do not shout it out. Instead resolve it by talking it over. We cannot deny that money is oftentimes the top reasons for marital stain and could even lead to divorce. It is important that if something is not working, fix it together.

Marriage is a partnership. This time, you can now face life head on with someone by your side. That is why, it is very important to consider only money as a tool to live comfortably with your partner and your future kids. Do not let this drive the marriage and more so replace the two of you in the steering wheel.

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