Our Kuripot Dream Wedding Diary I

Image from villageatlyons

Few more months and I’m getting married. MARRIED!!! Again, MARRIED!!!

As of the moment, everything is just a mix of emotions that I cannot fathom. For one, I am excited because I have waited for this for the longest time. Second, I am about to embark on a journey with the man whom I love hence I am at my happiest state. Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, I am also worried because the day is drawing near. There are still other things that we haven’t thought about. There are other suppliers we haven’t booked and so much more. Again, there are many things to do when you are getting married. And being the soon-to-be-bride you sure have a long list to do.

Getting married requires money. While my fiancé is helpful and generous to shoulder the expenses, being the bride I just can’t throw whatever I want. Remember “kuripot ako”. Hence, as much as possible I want to cringe on some expenses in order to minimize the cost.

So what are the things I did so far to come up with our frugal dream wedding so far? Here are a few:

Have a Budget

Always set a budget. I ask my fiancé how much he would be shelling out for the wedding and that was it. Then we tend to reshape our suppliers in order to stick to it. Just like in personal finance, always begin with a budget. The budget must be something he can afford. Given the budget in mind, you can’t just always pick whatever you like with a very expensive price tag. Remember you might compromise the other suppliers because you bloated one aspect of your wedding. Even more, you both tend to be careful with the choices you made in the process because you both know your limitations.


There are some aspects of the wedding that you can actually do yourself. Yes, DIY is far more suitable and ideal. Plus it gives that personal touch from the bride and groom to their guests. So far we have planned out that the save the date invitations will be printed out by us instead of having it printed outside.

Wedding Help and Wedding Sponsors

We are glad to be surrounded by talented friends and colleagues who are so willing to extend their help to our wedding for free. For instance, we got friends who are also good hosts hence they will be our emcees for the night. I also have a colleague who does lights and sounds in events like weddings and he is extending such service to us for free. A handful of our primary sponsors are giving us lechons and wines during the said event. Plus, my mother will shoulder all the expenses for the giveaways. We also have talented friends who lowered their rates drastically just for us.

Hence, you don’t need to break your bank and even ask for a loan just to realize your dream wedding. There are frugal steps and tips that you can be able to do in order to lower down some supplies. Remember, it is not the cost that matters. It is the couple.

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