Selling Real Estate like a Rock Star

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Selling a real estate property can take its toll on any broker, with the pressure of hitting your quota and the desire to achieve a sizeable commission to take home to your family constantly at the back of your mind. Still, it’s an incredibly rewarding experience when your hard work ends with keys changing hands and a signature on the dotted line. If you think that people who seem to seamlessly transition from a pitch to a sale have nothing but good luck on their side, you’d be wrong. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you want to be a property-selling rock star and start hitting (or even) exceeding your sales targets.

Be a Homework Hero

Nobody enters any business transaction without doing their research, so in something as costly as real estate, you’re going to want to learn all you can to help a buyer make the decision to buy what you have to sell. Don’t just tell them about the house itself; sell the neighborhood. Find out where the nearest schools are, how safe the community is, and other extra tidbits you can inform the client about.

Of course, it’s going to be hard to learn everything yourself, so it’s OK to ask for help. Tap any connections you may have (other real estate brokers, the local police station, the sari-sari store at the corner, etc.) to find out crucial information such as the probability and severity of flooding or the chances of earthquake damage. Take a drive or even public transportation and find out how long it’ll take to get to the closest establishments and institutions. These little things matter to a buyer, and they just might give you an edge over other sellers.

Be a Techno-Teacher

Obviously, technology and the internet won’t go away; they’re just going to keep getting better, and more and more people are going to resort to using them to get what they want and need. As a real estate professional, you need to be aware of this, and this means taking your business online to find and be found by prospective clients.

Post your listings on your Facebook account, Tweet about the latest happenings in any neighborhood, and blog about anything that’s new about the industry. The idea is to be present online so buyers can find you. When people are inquiring, be quick to reply; and make sure the contact information you’re providing are accurate. Not as tech-savvy as you want to be? No worries; a lot of online real estate companies are willing and able to help.

Be a Listening Leader

One of the things that people get warned about when entering a business transaction is getting involved on a personal level because it makes things complicated. On the other hand, just because you shouldn’t be too close to your client doesn’t mean you have to be a robot.

Being the kind of seller that can lend an ear when the buyer reveals some things about themselves can show them that they’re working with someone who cares, which gives them confidence that they made the right decision in choosing you.

Be a Reachable Ruler

You know how much you hate getting a busy signal or getting put on hold when you call up customer service? Guess what? Home buyers hate it too when their calls and texts go unanswered, so don’t be surprised if they take their business to another seller who actually picks up his phone. Be aware that these inquiries will even happen at odd hours and on weekends. It may not be fair to you, but remember that buyers may only be free during these times, so you’ll have to adjust.

You can also go ahead and contact them to follow up on their inquiries, just to make sure they’re still interested, or if it’s time to set your sights on another prospect. Don’t assume you can call them anytime, though. You have to get in touch with them at their convenient hours. Remember: you’re trying to get on their good side, not the other way around.

 Also, make sure you always update your contact information across all your materials (business cards, brochures, giveaways, etc.) and online profiles.

Be Captain Compromise

In a perfect world, both sides of the real estate transaction will get exactly what they want and go home happy. Still, we live in the real world, where this hardly ever happens. In many instances, certain sacrifices have to be made if you want to seal that deal. Don’t hold your ground too much; you risk losing a serious buyer if you back out just because they want a lower rate. Try to work something out, like offering additional features instead of lowering the price, before shutting them off completely.

Still, you can’t be the first one between the two of you to offer the compromise. Until you’ve turned everything over and determined there really is no other choice, then you can propose a happy middle.

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