Becoming the Rich Employee (Part 3)

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Ever since I graduated college, I vow to myself to debunk my father’s saying that is

“walay empleyado na nadato” (no employee ever became rich)

I would like to emphasize and if not prove true that even if you are an employee, you too can become rich. I would want to be able to say to my father that in spite of working eight hours a day and five days a week, I too can cross that rich line. Apart from that, I would want to think that even if you are stuck in an office for most of your day, you can still be capable of being rich.

In line with that I am glad I was given a teaching position in my local university; hence “being an employee” – check

The next thing to do is to become rich. Now there’s no such thing as a Rich Company where I can just drop my resume and hoping to get hired and be rich in an instant. Rich is a different ball game. And it definitely takes a lot.

Perhaps the question is, what is being rich?

I don’t have rich parents in the first place. My parents are employed and more so didn’t have degrees. That is why the least that they can have would be labor intensive jobs. My father worked in the printing press while my mother is a liaison officer of a construction company back then. And upon tracing my roots, I am not adopted and I was not left in the streets hoping that my real parents are rich. (Talk about Mara Clara and other Telenovelas)

Going back to the question as to what is being rich? The first step that you can take is to think rich.

Rich and poor alike have brains. Even if you are not yet in that “rich” pedestal, at least you got something in common with the rich and the wealthy. We all have the brains and the mind that can help us. More so, rich is a state of mind. It is a concept. One cannot say that having lots of money equates to richness. Even if you are living in a big house in a posh subdivision doesn’t make you rich. Little did we know that in spite of such property, he or she might be suffering in debt.

In the road of becoming rich, we need to start within ourselves. It would be appropriate if we get to define what rich really is for us. The important question would be, what is rich for me? The reason being why we need to define this one is so we can monitor and measure.

We have varied definitions of rich. One might be being able to acquire your dream house. For some, it would be educational security for their kids. There are even a few who are just contented with being able to eat three meals a day. Parents would want just to be able to send their children until college. A young professional would want to be able to see the world. Some might exclaim to collect expensive cars in his lifetime.

Some would even suggest creating a dream board and put it in a place where you will see it every day. It is very much similar to the law of attraction. Remember the saying; whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. There are no wrong or right answers with your rich definition. After all, your definition is something that only you can provide.

Your definition is your destination. It is your end point. And you will be the driver. Hence, start by defining what is being rich for you. What would be the things you would want to see, have and own in order for you to affirm that you are already rich.

What rich means to you? What is being rich for you?

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