Becoming the Rich Employee Series (Part 1)

“Walay empleyado na nadato” (No employee ever became rich)

This is what my father would usually tell me when I was very young. Every time I would hitch a bike ride home, he would always say his dreams for me and for the family. In spite of such mantra, ironically my father is working as an employee since he was in high school. He knows that this would be the only thing left to do in order to finish school. In spite of his hard work and labor, he was not able to finish even high school. Armed with a dream and a budding family, he toiled and became an employee. He jumped from one job to the next hoping to grab that much coveted business in order to become rich.


Then that moment came. He knows what business to put up and this is based on his experience, expertise and desire. He has been jumping from one printing press to the next working on printing papers, receipts and more. He is expert in any printing press related tasks. With such, he knows that this is the business he would want to pursue. So he started saving up his salary in order to buy second hand and old printing press machines and equipments. He knows a printing press shop in Iligan who is planning to sell his machines. And my father knows this is an opportunity he could not miss.

However, in spite of working 16 hours a day just to save up, the money isn’t enough. He needs to put up 100,000 way back in 1992. So he started asking for loans from friends and previous employers.
When he had the cash, the whole family started a road trip to Iligan. I can still remember how we hop into a jeepney my father hired for the day. The trip was long and it was my first time going there. But I can see how excited my father is. Finally he would be having the business he always dreams of. He was seated at the front seat of the jeepney talking and laughing the whole time. I can see how hopeful he is.

Right after having the printing press machines, my father left his previous post. He will be creating his own business starting today. He will no longer be an employee. This could be his ticket to richness. With little money left from the 100,000, he rented a space in my uncle’s house. All that was left is his former connections in order to get the printing press business rolling. He goes out every single day trying to find a client. I know it was never an easy task. I always look forward to the day that the space would be noisy because it would indicate that my father got something to print. Or perhaps he captured a client. However, I can only count the days that he would be inside that tiny space turning those machines to life. My father had failed in his business. And with that, I know we will never be rich.

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