7 Simple Money Hacks That Can Help You Save Easily

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So they say saving is hard. However, if we incorporate in some money hacks in our life, we might be able to have some spare money that we can save in the end. Even more, we might be able to decrease and if not limit our expenses. We no longer have an excuse not to save. With that said, I have been researching and doing some simple money hacks in my life that can help me and you save more in the process. What is even more fun and intriguing is that it made savings way easier. As such, here a few tricks that you too can easily do.

Automate your Savings

This is by far the easiest and simplest way to save. Simply imagine getting a specific amount from your salary every payday and this will be automatically directed to your savings account. Hence, what is left to your ATM would be your money minus the savings. The bank would be the one responsible for saving the amount I specified. Hence, I no longer feel guilty using my ATM and withdrawing money from there since I know I already did my part of saving money.

Save Coins in a Piggy Bank

It would be nice that our coins will be directed to our piggy bank. When you go home, empty your pockets and collect some coins in there and put it directly to your piggy bank. This is my saving habit when I was a child but I saved up what is left from my allowance. Over time, those coins will build up and you will be surprised just how much you save by then.

Give Up a Vice or a Habit

If you are a frequent smoker or alcohol drinker, you might want to give up a vice or two. Simply imagine and calculate the amount of savings you can be able to generate when you give up on such. For instance, if you are fond of smoking say two sticks a day, should you decide to give up even for one day, you can be able to have extra cash in your pockets. If you are a certified shopaholic, not buying that skirt or shirt for this month can really make a difference in your finances.

DIY (Do It Yourself)

There are things that we can do for ourselves that sometimes we tend to let others do it for us in exchange for cash. Good examples would be housekeeping, laundry and more. If you just let yourself do the laundry rather than rushing to your nearest laundry service, you can be able to save cash. Even more, if you decide to clean your house rather than hiring a househelp, this can really be of great help to your savings. Rather than buying food outside, cooking for yourself can definitely go a long way.

Appreciate Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are great places to score second hand or old items for a fraction of the price. Little did you know there are amazing gems in there that are worth salvaging and using. This includes furniture, clothes and more. I am a personal fan of such and going through thrift stores are like treasure hunts for me.


There are many coupons you can find from varied establishments and online. Being able to save even 10 pesos for your vitamins or medicines can be of great help. Never underestimate the power of coupons especially if you want to go on a trip. There are online coupon sites that can help you with extravagant purchases yet you can pay for so little because of the coupons.

Do Errands in One Day

We have so many things to do in life like going to the grocery, paying bills, going to the bank and more. It would be wise that you do all your errands in one day. This will limit your transportation cost and even more limit your expenses. You see, every single time we go outside the house we tend to spend. However, if we are busy with our errands we forget those things. Plus, there are no unnecessary expenses.

These are just some of the things we can do in order to help us save easily. Remember, every little thing counts. Even more, there’s absolutely no more excuses as to why you cannot save money.

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