How to Travel This Summer without Breaking your Bank Account

Image from hirharang

We are just counting the days before we can finally say, “Summer is Here”. Or should I say summer is already here. I bet many are already deciding where to go, the next beach destination to visit, activities to do while they are there and more. I am most certain you already booked your flights or already asked your friends to be with you this summer.

Traveling is perhaps one of the best summer activities to do. Who wouldn't want a new scenario right? It would be best to hit the beach with your friends or your family and just hang around and be with each other. Moreover, it would also be ideal to immerse yourself in another culture perhaps in another country. There are indeed many summer activities to do. And the common denominator there is money.

I am not saying that you just stay in your house and do nothing so you can be able to save money. Come on, the sun is inviting us to play with it and have fun. Yet, if these summer activities entail you breaking your bank account or worst ask for a loan just to experience your dream vacation, then that’s another story I wouldn't suggest. As early as now, you will be able to bask under the sun without the need to worry on your money if you follow these very simply suggestions.

Plan Ahead

First things first, plan. In order to realize your travel this summer, planning would be crucial. Most of the time, individuals tend to plan their summer destination a year in advance. The reason is that they can be able to save on plane tickets. During the planning stage, identify as well how much money you need. This will help you gauge your expenses so that you can be able to save ahead. Gather also your family and friends. This will not only make the trip merrier, you can also be able to save a lot on expenses.

Work and Save

Since you already know by now how much you would need in order to realize that summer trip, it is now time to work and save up. As much as possible, do not drain your bank account. Do not withdraw your investments and do not ask a loan for the trip. Save up every payday a specific percentage for your travel. Here’s a good working budget would come into play. Always allocate.

Sacrifice the Small Stuffs

Should it be hard for you to save up and allocate, perhaps you can sacrifice some small stuffs in order to save up. For instance, if you are drinking your favorite commercial frappe every single day, might as well not during this time and redirect such funds to your travel funds. Should you be smoking a pack each day, consider decreasing the number of cigarettes and stretch the pack for three days instead. If you are fond of traveling using your car to work, you might want to consider commuting. Stretch your allowance to cover one week rather than one day. Simply find a spending activity that perhaps you can eliminate or decrease in order to increase your travel funds.

Traveling this summer should be fun. More so, it should not hurt your budget and it shouldn't break your bank account. You see, it is more enjoyable to travel without the need to worry with regards to money and expenses. 

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