My Heartfelt Thank You!

I don’t know where to begin my thank you and tremendous appreciation to each and every one of you who have been major instruments in making the 52 Week Money Challenge known not only in my city but also in the country. I have received feedbacks that my blog and the challenge have been featured in TV5, Unang Hirit, 24 Oras and Saksi. Aside from that, there are also other bloggers who generated their own version of the Money Challenge which is both interesting and great.

There are also great comments that teach us varied ways to invest such as mutual funds, stock and more. And I appreciate it since it provides other savings alternatives that would be beneficial to many Filipinos. I have heard varied opinions about the challenge be it positive or negative. And I must admit, both areas are logical and reasonable.

But more than anything, the 52 Week Money Challenge is simply an appreciation of the habit of savings. Regardless of formula used and how much you would be getting by the end of the year, it all boils down to this. If we don’t instill in our system to save, we won’t be getting anything. Regardless of amount, be it 68,900 or not, if we only have the discipline and the motivation to save, we would surely be able to achieve it and even get more in the process. This may not be the most effective way to roll out your money, but this is already a good starting point to make savings a habit. Once you get a hang of it, you may be able to save more for bigger investment ventures. And I pray that sooner or later, we would be able to achieve this stature.

Thank you to those who read and shared this challenge to their family and friends. You have been major instruments in their savings venture and in my blog BIG TIME.

Thank you to the bloggers who appreciated my formula and created their own masterpiece. You guys are great.

Thank you to the "commenters" who shared their inputs on varied investments and also their perception of the challenge. I read each and every comment, my apologies if I can no longer reply. 

Thank you to the TV networks who bumped into my small blog and for featuring my face on TV. Thank you for making me an "artista" in less than a minute. One bucket list fulfilled.

And a BIG thank you and I salute you, to the people who are doing this already, regardless of the increments. No matter how small or big it would be, the important thing is you are already doing the first crucial step in savings and that is DOING IT TODAY!

Before I end this post, another big thank you to you! Yes, you! Thank you!