Claim A REST Day!

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I know the holiday vacation is over and so is the weekend. I am sure many are missing the parties, the events, the foods and more, of which I am definitely guilty of. Hence my new post would be dedicated to rest. Hangover much? I sure say yes!

However, the rest day that I refer here is not a day without work. I know we are entitled to at least a day every week of which we are forever grateful to our employers. Yet, in this post, we shall be revamping how we define rest.

REST Day – Reduce Expenses for Savings and Tithe Day!

If we have Earth Hour where we can reduce electricity usage, why won’t we dedicate a day where we can reduce our expenses? The keyword here is reduce not eliminate expenses. That would totally be difficult for many of us but ultimately ideal.

So how will REST day works?

Claim a day within the week. Your call, your preference. When that day comes, be disciplined with your finances and do your best to reduce your expenses. Find cheaper or no-expense alternatives that can replace our usual items. The amount that you can save from your REST day can be redirected to your savings or tithe and even both.

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Here are a few suggestions of mine:

No take out coffee from major establishments, instead brew or make your own coffee.
No buying of lunch from fast food or restaurants, instead pack some lunch from home.
Leave credit cards at home so you won’t be tempted to use it within the day.
No riding to your next destination provided that it is relatively near, instead take a walk.
No riding of taxi (if possible), instead take the PUV.
Remove unnecessary routine purchases like soda and fast food. It will make you healthier too.
Reduce the use of your appliances like your TV.

I know this would be pretty difficult especially if we are accustomed to spending x amount every single day. However, this is also a good breather to our wallets and finances. Plus, we get to appreciate the simple and inexpensive things in life. You may fail on your first try yet don’t give up. You still have next week to practice that up. When that will become a habit, who knows the REST day would become REST days. And you could be able to refocus on your funds to other investments (like savings, mutual funds, stocks, etc) that would be healthy to your money and finances.

So, how about you? When will be your REST day? How will you reduce your expenses on that day? Share it to inspire others.