MUST Try For Pinoys and Pinays

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There are varied investment schemes that Pinoys and Pinays alike can venture. The days that we can sit our money in the banks is considered one option out of the many. If you are looking for greater yield of your savings then perhaps it is time that you try these.

Alas, these are also the secret of the rich. The great Warren Buffet ventures into this even when he was a teen. And look at him now considered as the richest man in the world. We may not be able to topple his position but at least we got to be even a pinky of his fortune. And we can realize that. We MUST realize it in the long run.

Disclaimer: I don’t have the most profound explanation of these terms but at least we get to have an appreciation and idea of each.

So what is MUST?

MUST = Mutual Funds, UITF, Stocks and Treasury Bills

Mutual Funds

This is ideal for beginner investors who would want a look and feel of investments in general. It is called Mutual Fund because it is a collection of funds from varied investors. And you are one of them. Bank managers or money managers collect the funds from the investors and he or she will then invest the collected money like stocks, bonds, money market instruments and similar assets. Their responsibility boils down to managing the collected funds and produce maximum capital gain.

Since we are letting the bank managers or money managers manage our money, we give them a specific percentage for their expertise. Trust me it is so little compared to your gains. You will only have to sit and wait for your revenues. Mutual funds are ideal for individuals who have a small amount of capital yet who would want to monetize their money. Remember, risks are involved here depending on where our money is invested. That is why a longer time frame is required and recommended by bank managers or money managers.


UITF stands for Unit Investment Trust Fund. This is similar to mutual funds since your money is pooled with the other investor’s money. It is collected still under a company like a bank for example. The money is then invested in varied financial instruments like the ones discussed above. As an investor, you can just sit and wait for your returns. You give the duty of investing to the company you trust.

In here you are buying units of participation in the fund rather than shares in the investment company which is what mutual funds is. With UITF, this has a wider range of investment options that are available to its investors. Aside from that this has also lower management fees compared to mutual funds. This also has the same risk as mutual funds depending on where the money was invested by the company or bank.


This is another way to say you own a company. Sounds exciting I know. This is ideal for individuals who don’t like the lower returns offered by mutual funds or UITFs and adventurous at the same time. You can dictate your preferred stocks for your portfolio. You also get to manage your money and your investment hence there’s no need to pay for a bank manager or money manager. One can gain through the ups and downs of the stocks. For instance if you buy 100 shares of X Company today with a value of 5.00 per share and tomorrow the share is at 10.00, you can sell the 100 shares at that amount. If you shelled out 500 for the 100 shares at 5.00, you can now earn 1000 for the 100 shares at 10.00.

With stocks, you really need to be hands-on with regards to the market trends and the stocks of your company. You also do the trading. But if done right, it could have greater earning potential. You trade some risk for its greater reward. With this, you will also get to know the company better and its performance.


T-bills are called Treasury Bills. You can be able to earn significant interest in a few weeks or months. This is a way for our government to raise money from the public. Hence, you are lending your money to them. How cool is that? T-bills are short term securities that tend to mature in a year or less. In our case, these are issued by the Republic of the Philippines through its Bureau of Treasury.

What is great about T-bills is that it is risk free because since there’s a low probability that the government will default on its own local currency debt. Plus you can be able to get the interest in advance and again the maturity date is short. The government is obligated to pay its investors on these dates.

Should you have a hard time choosing the right investment for you, it is always best to consult financial experts like your banks on each one. They could also be able to thoroughly explain and provide specific percentages or yields of your money.

With the right amount of money and expertise, these are indeed a MUST try!

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, it is Week 2 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?