6 Mobile Apps to Help You Save Money

If there’s such thing as a universal everyday struggle, it would be saving money. It’s just too difficult. Well, except for the well-off who don’t need to. But if you’re among the working class and is not yet rich, it would be wrong not to make an effort to save money. Otherwise, you’ll keep on living from paycheck to paycheck and wouldn’t be able to buy your dream house anytime soon. 

Good thing, there are now apps that help people track their expenses, compare prices online, and therefore save money. All it takes is for you to download it on your device, study the interface, and see if it’s the best fit for you. By using it, you’ll know where your hard-earned money is going and might as well decide to start using it wisely. 

Amazing, right – how something intangible would make much difference in your life and push you to do better. Here are some examples of money-saving apps you can download now: 

Savings Goals

Who wants an interface that’s simple? Everyone, right. Saving Goals is an app that would help you save on something such as a birthday party, holiday, or Christmas season. Start tracking your performance by inputting your target saving, deadline, and it will create your personal saving tracker and schedule. Have this progress monitor for less than 50 pesos.


A free app that would help you manage expenses by reminding you of your electricity, cable TV, credit card, and other bills? Download Manilla and start having and alarm clock for your dues. What’s more is that it also tracks the rewards you earn with your credit card. No more late payment fees and a finally, a chance to maximize your card use by actually using its earned points.

PS Monitor 

For those who are stock market savvy, the Philippine Stocks Market app is the one for you. Track your investment on a real-time basis with this pretty simple app, so you can make real-time decisions. Download now to know if you should buy or cut your losses!

Toshl Finance 

Toshl Finance is one of the cool apps in the market. With this on your phone, you no longer need to worry where you spend your money, how much you save, and if you’re always short of your saving target. One noteworthy feature of this app is it allows you to name your expenses through tags and be as random as you want! And it you’re still not sold, this app can also consolidate two expenses – great for couples.


This one doesn’t need much introduction. When it comes to what’s happening in the world of finance, we all know Bloomberg is the biggest news portal. You can download this on your device to stay updated on the trends and be wiser with money. This is especially useful if you trade heavily. This app would update you of the latest news, so you can have an insight into what will happen to all known exchanges.

A+ Allowance 

Saving money is challenging, but teaching your kids about money is even more stressful. To be fair though, they’re still unaware of what money does or its importance at their age. But with the right guidance, timing, and pacing, the A+ Allowance app can help you handle this concern. You can easily set-up a reward system for your child for every chore done. The A+ app allocates the money earned every week up to Saturdays. It would help you determine the amount of money your child should save (10%), give (10%), invest (10%), and spend (70%).

As you see, saving money is difficult, but it's not impossible. Motivate yourself by imagining the life you want to have in the future. Is it worth it to spend your money on things that wouldn't last in the next years, or even months? Well, no. You need to think ahead until you realize you don’t really need many things – just those that would help you thrive and happier.

Start saving now by being more financially literate and going for the more practical option in everything! Keep yourself updated on the current trends and you’ll feel more in control of your money. All it takes is self-discipline and this app on your device.