Top 5 Businesses Ideas for Filipinos Today

Image from businessnewsdaily

Contrary to what you’re probably thinking, starting a business in the Philippines is not as difficult as others make it seem to be. While it’s true that launching a startup requires a lot of planning and expanding of capital or resources, there are business ideas that are simple enough to implement.

You could even run the business on your own, with little or no help at all from formal employees. You could also take advantage of business opportunities right in your own home or neighborhood, saving you from office rental and other related expenses.

Depending on your budget, background knowledge, and interest or passion, here are the top 5 investment ideas (in no particular order) with minimal requirements and great potential that you could venture into:

1. Ride-hailing or ride-sharing services

The two major players in the transport rental services in the country today, Grab and Uber, although may be embroiled in some controversy at the moment, the prospect of investing as an operator or partner still looks bright.

With all the hassle of public transport and an aggregate cost of using one’s own private car when traveling, more and more people are beginning to use ride-hailing or ride-sharing services to help them with their commute. It’s convenient, safe, practical, and widely available. As a partner of these services, you could rake in an average of P2,000 to P3,000 daily.

Here’s a quick guide on how to join the Grab or Uber network:

Sign up on their website (Uber, Grab) to apply as a partner-operator.

Upload copies of the required documents such as the proof/certificate of vehicle registration, your professional driver’s license, and other clearances that may be requested by the company.
Wait for the approval of your application within 24-48 hours.

2. Local convenience store

The “sari-sari” store will never lose its appeal to Filipino consumers, especially those living in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Buying household items from sari-sari stores is often deemed more affordable for the average Juan dela Cruz compared to buying from supermarkets because of smaller portions, low prices, and convenience.

If your house is located on a busy street, the main road, a corner lot, or any other ideal spot and has enough space, then take advantage of that. You could operate your store and sell items in both retail and wholesale. Further, if your store is in a large community, you can supply other sari-sari stores in the area. Sales can reach as much as P20,000 on any given day.

3. Laundry shop

Self-service laundromats is another highly promising business concept. It’s quickly becoming a trend because of the growing number of condominiums, studio apartments, townhouses, and the like where there’s usually a very cramped laundry area for its occupants.

In contrast, laundromats can accommodate a good number of customers all at the same time, and some even have a snack bar and waiting area where people can chill while waiting. People also find it efficient and fast to do their laundry in specially-built washers and dryers in these shops.

Getting a franchise package consisting of five washers and five dryers may cost you approximately Php2 million, with ROI taking about two years. It may be worth investing for you considering there’s little labor cost involved (you may decide to hire a helper to oversee things in the shop), and the laundry equipment can last for up to 15 years.

4. Digital printing business

Also known as large format printing, part of the services offered here include sticker, billboard, banner, and tarpaulin printing. Your market may include offices, schools, and almost every type of business that needs signage and printing services.

To give you an idea, you could have a printing business in your home garage and market your services to nearby coffee shops, diners, pet care centers, and the likes to help them decorate their stores with sticker wallpapers. You could also promote your business on social media to expand your market reach.

You may want to buy additional equipment to include T-shirt printing in your business, which is easily marketable online. Last, but not the least, you could take advantage of the election season and holidays to print flyers and corporate giveaways that are in high demand during such time.

Investment capital may be from Php300,000 to Php500,000.

5. Car wash

Car owners and drivers often feel too tired to wash their car after a long day (or week) of driving, which means car wash service to the rescue!

Apart from a good location and honest, hardworking employees, you’ll only need to purchase a complete set of tools and equipment including the pressure washer, air compressor, industrial air blower, jelly blades, ladder, drums, and buckets, among others. You can have these items for approximately Php50,000. You’ll also spend on stocking your supplies and paying electric, water, and labor charges, which could cost you roughly Php40,000 a month.

With the right marketing and promotional strategies plus value-added services like offering referral discounts, free Wi-Fi, or other freebies, your car wash business could bring huge sums to your cash register.

There’s a whole lot of investment opportunities around these days, and there’s a place for everyone who wants a piece of the market, and that includes you.