A Kuripots Guide to Buying Gifts

I must admit I am a kuripot. As what Tito Boy said, "I'm proudly kuripot". However being kuripot and buying gifts don't fit so well. Worst, they are not in the same page.

With the holidays only a few days away, you can't expect to hide and shut the world so you can't buy gifts for family and friends. In a way or another, parties would require you to buy gifts for gift exchanging, you give something to your loved ones and not to mention your "inaanaks", relatives and friends.

Buying gifts doesn't mean splurging. You can still be able to buy gifts in spite of you being a kuripot. Remember, generosity doesn't have to break your wallet or worst your banks. You can still be able to give gifts! Here's how.

1. Do it Yourself. A little creativity goes a long way. As such, we can utilize this kind of talent in order to create one unique gift item. To date, there are already many DIY tutorials online. What is good about this is you only get to spend a little for the raw materials and the output is just personal and impeccable.

2. Improvise. I am certain there are hidden gems in your house that you can give as a gift. However, most of those items are not gift material. In that case, improve those items. Here we go back to number 1. You can fix it, add some ribbons, clean it up and more. You can also personalize it making this item all the more gift worthy.

3. Sale and Bargains. Being a kuripot, your best ally is always sales and bargains! Malls and establishments normally have sales during this season. Hence, you can be able to save tons. Imagine getting a gift at 50% or 70% off. Now that seems really ideal. No matter how small the sale percentage is the important thing is you can be able to save a few pesos in the end.

Buying gifts need not be expensive. In fact, there are many ways for you to give yet at the same time save your money. You only need to be wise on what to give and where to buy it. As for my case, I already know the gifts to buy for my family and friends. And most of them are dead cheap.

Enjoy the holidays!