Making A Good Fund

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In this day of financial literacy, we are always tasked to build up our emergency fund, wedding fund and more. And I must say, if you have one big money goal, it would be best to create the appropriate fund for it. However, it seems there is something lacking in the aspect of it. Little did we know that those funds we perceive are funds for ourselves and for our family. While that is not a bad thing I tell you, but I guess it would be right to extend our money circle to benefit not only ourselves and our loved ones but also the people around us.

Perhaps you might ask? How can I do this then?

My answer, create your Good Fund.

Is this a fund intended for the good things in life? Would this be a fund where I can get money for anything good? While that might be true however the good fund is intended for other people who might need your help. Simply imagine this situation when a friend would need to ask money for something really important? Where will you get the money? Will you get it from your emergency fund? Will you get a loan?

Perhaps you might refute that hey I am working really hard for my money. Why would I put the interest of others? The answer my friend is that we are money stewards. Remember, the more you give the more you receive. Be more than a blessing to others. Even more, use your extra money for something worthwhile and that is doing charity.

That is why making a Good Fund is deemed essential in your budgeting category. I highly suggest that you must do this every month or whatever rocks your boat. More so, this is different from your tithes. Perhaps you might wonder, what good will it brings me if ever I do this today? In fact there are many. Let me highlight the points.

Untouched Budgets

Going back to the scenario above, if ever a friend would need a small loan from you, you can just get money from your Good Fund instead of your Emergency Fund. In this manner, you are not destroying the already established budgeting categories that you have. Since the purpose of that fund is intended for good purposes, having it keeps your money where it belongs.

It Feels Good

You might want to consider having a charity event on your birthday. Or perhaps sponsor some street kids to watch a movie or eat somewhere because you would want to do that for your Good Fund. If there would be disasters around the country and the globe, you can easily pitch in your money donation. By the end of it all, you will feel good helping those in need. Even more, it is putting into good use the money that was entrusted to you. Rather than spending it to yourself which you will only be the one enjoying, if you share it with others, seeing their smiles would be a greater reward.

So perhaps you might want to start creating your Good Fund. The percentage or amount you put in might not be that big compared to your emergency fund. But bottom line is, no matter how small or how big that is, if it is for helping people in need and making others happy, it is huge in the eyes of the Lord.

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