From Walking Barefoot To Driving Luxury Cars

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Who would have thought that this veteran entrepreneur and capitalist in no less than Silicon Valley is also very similar in terms of life story. His life is something we can relate. I am referring to Dado Banatao entrepreneur, master investor and philanthropist. Surely he comes a long way. And he surely is an inspiration.

Dado was born to a rice farmer and a housekeeper in Iguig in Cagayan Valley Province. He remembers walking barefoot when he was a kid to school. He went to Mapua Institute of Technology and took up Electrical Engineering where he graduated cum laude. He then applied as a pilot trainee at Philippine Airlines. From there, he was pirated as a design engineer and was brought to the US. While in the said country, he pursued Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University.

After graduating, he then works at the National Semiconductor, Intersil, and Commodore International. There he designed the first single chip. After which he was then tasked to look for an efficient way of linking computers. That led to one great discovery. From there, he decided to start his own company. With an initial capital of $500,000 from friends, he established Mostron I 1985. The company develop chip sets. His company developed the first system logic chip set for PC-XT and PC-AT that aided in lowering the cost of building up personal computers and making it more powerful.

Then Dado created his second company which is Chips and Technologies (C&T). The company is dedicated to improve graphics adapter chip sets. Their sales in the first quarter rose to $12 million. Less than a year, the company went public. It was tagged as the fastest IPO listing in the US stock market. In 1996, Intel bought C&T making Dado richer by $430 million.

Now, Dado is a multimillionaire investor. He currently has many investments and other joint ventures. Aside from that, he also manages several businesses. He got Cielo Communications. He also has the SIRF Technology and also Marvell Technology.

Presently he has more than three homes in the US with resort properties in Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. When he used to walk barefoot when he was a kid, he now drives high performance luxury cars and even got his own jets. In spite of his success, he remains grounded. He contributes a lot to the society and to the country. He built a computer center back in his hometown and has varied students who he helps to finish a degree in engineering.

Dado is a manifestation that indeed nothing is impossible. With the right attitude and the right amount of hard work, farfetched dreams can be realized. Indeed Dado is an inspiration to every Filipino. 

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