Save Your Money and Save Your Health

Image from healthonabudget

Didn’t you know that money is directly proportional to your health? Yes you just read that right. Hence, if you were able to save money this also means that it can literally help your health. Apart from that, this will also serve as your safety net that will help you and your family in the long run.

Perhaps you might wonder just how saving money can save your health is. Here are some great points.


We see in usual telenovelas that when they rushed a family member to the hospital they experienced the worst kind of treatment. Simply because they don’t have the money to pay for the operation or what not. Truth be told, some hospitals indeed require money just to get the job done. And when you have no savings when a family member is rushed here. These are unforeseen incidents that can truly eat up the family’s finance pie. If you don’t have savings, more or less, the family would have to give up a few expenses and bills just to cover the treatment cost. With savings, you are ready for just about life’s surprises.

Peace of mind

Having peace of mind is crucial to our health. If we get to be paranoid on things most especially with regards to our money, it will have a negative impact. Our health will be compromised and even more, we cannot sleep through the night. If you find yourself worrying on things like what to do if you no longer have a job or where will you get the money should an accident happen, then that’s anxiety. Beefing up your savings can truly eradicate these thoughts and will let you have that peace of mind. No need to worry on those things anymore.

Avoid stress

When you have savings backing you up, you can definitely avoid a lot of things in order to make ends meet. Take for instance having multiple jobs in longer hours. I’ve got a friend who is in debt for the longest time that is why she works in a 16 hour shift every single day. That will give her eight hours to sleep and be at home with her kids. She badly needs the extra shift in order to pay her debts. After a few months, she got ill because of the stress. Should that friend of mine have extra savings, she can use it to pay her debts and she will no longer have to work on another shift. Apart from that, she will have more time with her family.

Positive outlook

There is no denying that life savings will give you control in our rather unpredictable economy. If you have savings, you can be bale to choose a life that you want. You can say no to extra work, you can opt to spend more time with the individuals that matter most, and you can just take a break from work to do just about anything to keep you relax and refresh. With control, you will have a choice. You can opt to use your savings for an even better venture like investment and putting up a business. In this way, you are making another income channel for you that will definitely aid your finances. And having a positive outlook could mean a good mind and body.

With these things, did I convince you to save up already? Remember the amount of salary is just the tip of the iceberg. This will not dictate if you can be able to save or not. It still boils down to a matter of perspective and dedication to save up. Remember, when you save your money, you are also saving your health.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 16 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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