Millionaire at 25

Image from Noel Arellano's Linkedin

So you think 25 is the marrying age now? It seems other people see 25 as an age to earn their millions. And true enough I have heard and read how these young men and women got their first million at such a very young age. This holds true for Noel Arellano who at the age of 25 was able to make his first million. Even more, he made it not in the country but in India at that.

Noel Arellano came to India way back in 2006. Together with a colleague from Brazil, they set up a factory then that makes shoe cushions and soles. Noel is a licenses chemical engineer in the country and was recruited by a Spanish company Zahonero.

After establishing the factory, he was working then as an operations manager and also chief technology officer. He exercises control over their workforce. However, he introduced self-reliance in the company. In spite of his position, he comes to work on time and have his own desk with the rest of the staff. He is into discipline at work yet understands should there be personal circumstances that arise. Even more, his company provides loan through salary deductions to its employees.

According to Noel, his target to earn his first million was at the age of 25. He said in an interview, "Yoon po ang po target ko eh. At the age of 25 or 30, dapat ma-earn ko na po ang first million ko”.

Today, he is presently the president of the Filipino community in India. In spite of their small number, Arellano tagged it as a close group. They often throw parties during the weekend.

With that, we can learn a lot of things from Noel Arellano. Even tagged as an OFW, earning millions for you is not impossible. Here are some of the lessons we can draw from his experience.


Noel Arellano has a goal to reach his first million at the age of 25 and 30. With that goal, he was indeed able to reach that at the age of 25. Remember the law of attraction? It is best that you have a specific goal in mind and affirm that you would be able to reach it. Repeat it to yourself so that the universe will conspire to make that happen. It will also be your motivation to work hard and save hard because you want to achieve it.


Even if you already have a goal yet you will not work for it, it wouldn’t materialize still. Noel thought of his first millions at the age of 25 however he worked for it. He established a company, work and toil just like everyone else. He could have left it to his colleague and to his workers however he was very hand’s own with the task. It can also be seen that he incorporates discipline at the workplace. No wonder in due time, he was able to realize that first million goal.


In spite of his success, Noel Arellano helps other Filipinos and fellow OFWs. This could be in a form of loan in the company and other matters. Being the president of the Filipino Community, he duly contributed a lot to them. After all, he wants other people to prosper like him. It seems he is not only a millionaire in assets but also within.

With that said, earning your first million is not only a farfetched dream. Anyone with that goal and the right gears to work on it could be able to achieve it.  This holds true for Noel Arellano and a lot of Filipinos who worked their way to earn that. 

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