Lugaw Millionaire

Image from Lugaw Queen

Who would have thought that your ticket to earning millions would be a mere lugaw. Surely the Lugaw Queen didn’t think so too. And with that, they are worthy of our money maker spotlight this week.

For those in the Manila area and nearby region, you better eat at Lugaw Queen. Sad to say, there’s still no franchise yet back in my hometown. Perhaps a kind soul would treat me this lugaw when I’m in Manila. Pretty please?

Before I go begging for someone to treat me, let’s get back on track. The success of Beverly Aquino (Lugaw Queen) stems with the fact that they earned as much as 50,000 for one day. Simply imagine how much they are earning in a month’s time. The said business started out way back in 2007. With a meager capital of a little over one thousand, she started the business. Funny thing was the money was supposed to be used to pay the family’s electric bills. After the business start-up, they rented a small kiosk with three chairs. This is located in San Pablo Laguna.

So what’s the contributing success of the Lugaw Queen? It is her mother’s secret recipe. They thought of the ingredients that would make their lugaw different. Even more they would want to see such business grow.

Their lugaw is so affordable at 10 pesos. And from there everything was history. They were able to save up after three months of operation. They were able to rent a much bigger space for the business. And within a year, they opened 12 branches all over Luzon. The Lugaw Queen until now is even surprised on the amount they were able to get each branch. She even remembered earning 1,300 on their first day, then 2,400 and even 10,000 a day.

Fast forward to the present, their business earns as much as 50,000 worth of lugaw. Such number is still truly unimaginable most especially to Aquino. After all, they started the business because of their need to alleviate their family’s present condition. Before, they were just renting their place without a CR and a kitchen. Aquino even goes to school without lunch money. She remembered to be frugal that time because she only has transportation money as a student.

And now, because of that lugaw idea and that 1,100 capital, the family already have a two storey rest house in San Pablo. They also have another house in Nuvali.

In the end, the harsh realities of life and poverty are helping tools for the Lugaw Queen and served as life lessons to her. Now she couldn’t be happier.  

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 6 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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