5 Financial Goals To Achieve Before Turning 30

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We often have goals and dreams. These will serve as guide on our end to be motivated to work and even more labor to reach it. This will serve as inspiration as well. Since I am in my late 20s perhaps it would be best that I also share my financial goals to you that I want to achieve before turning 30. Even more, these goals are not only applicable in that age bracket. This can also serve as your financial goal even if you are in your early 20s, 30s, 40s or whatnot.

So here are the five financial goals to achieve before turning 30.

Have a steady source of income

Perhaps one important financial goal that one must achieve during this stage is to have a steady source of income. This could mean having a job that could steadily sustain us. Even more it would also be best that we will be tenured in the job so that we can fairly say that such is stable and even long term. This is the age where we will earn for ourselves and be financially independent and have our own money.

Build up an emergency fund

Since we already have a steady source of income, the next thing to do would be to build up an emergency fund. This is a fund that will help sustain our lifestyle in 6 months time should something happens to us. For example, can your current savings bear your financial routine within 6 months time if you would be fired from your work today? Will it be able to sustain your financial regimen in case you would be disabled? It is ideal to have a certain percentage of your salary that will go to this one. After all, you can never tell what lies ahead in the future.

Build up your retirement fund

I know you are in the prime of your life and saving for retirement seems farfetched. You might ask, this must be something that the 40s should do instead of the ones in their 20s. I beg to disagree. As early as now, you must be able to slowly build up your retirement fund. To date, there are already tons of options for you. What is even great is that this could turn to millions by the time you retire. The earlier your investment is the greater its yields in the future. So start saving up for this today.


There are varied investment options you can have today. You may opt to save your salary in a bank, buy stocks, have an equity fund, a time deposit, build up a business and more. Find something in accordance to your yield preference and risk appetite. If you want a higher yield but with great risk, stocks and equity fund would be a good one. If you want to be on the safe side, you can have a savings account or a time deposit account. If you want to build a market, creating a business would be ideal.

Have 1 Million in Assets

The last financial goal that one must achieve before turning 30 would be to have 1 Million worth of assets. This does not mean, having 1 million worth of cash alone. Perhaps, you might have other assets that you can quantify like land, real estate, inheritance and more. Having this as an aim could clearly motivate you to save up and even buy only things that have great value in the future. I’ve heard many who already pass this mark as early as 25. And now they are earning more millions before they turn 30.

These financial goals are simply guides on our end. Having these can motivate and inspire us to sort our finances to reach it. You may pick then a financial goal that would best fit your current status or perhaps a goal that would also want to achieve in the near future. I must say, nothing is impossible if we only get to work hard. As what Gabrielle would sing, “Dreams do come true!”.

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