Making the 52 Week Money Challenge Easier and More Fun

Image from One Sheepish Girl

We are already on the 3rd Week of the 52 WeekMoney Challenge hence we take a quick day break from the income series today. How are you and your savings so far? I do hope you are not losing momentum here since in the end it is you who will truly benefit from this.

So hence, what about the title? How can we make the challenge easier and more fun you say?

The simple answer is involving more people. Yes, yes, yes. Adding in more people with you in order to complete the challenge.

What do I mean by that?

Rather than make the 52 Week Money Challenge a personal thing, you can extend this one with others. This will surely help you complete it because others will help pool in finances plus they could motivate you in the process.

Here are a few suggestions.

Couple savings

"Mhina Gonzales Gerodias: Yes... this is a COUPLE POWER! "

If you have someone significant in your life, a spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend for instance, you can do both the 52Week Money Challenge. Simply divide the weekly contribution among you two. Imagine in the later parts of the year, instead of depositing 2000+, you can just contribute 1000+ since the other one would also have the same amount. You can use the money that you both have accumulated say for instance having a trip together, plan a vacation, buy each other’s needs and wants, invest or what not. This will also make you both financially smart and financially responsible. The other one would surely bug you if you didn’t deposit yet the other half of the savings.

Sibling savings

I would surely do this provided if my other siblings are already working unfortunately, they are still so young. Hence, if you and your siblings are working, why not do the 52 Week Money Challenge. This will surely help ease the contribution depending on the number of siblings that you have. You do the division. You can use the saved money to plan together a vacation with your siblings, experience new culture here and abroad, buy something you and your siblings would really love to have like a game console, a new computer and more. Simply decide on your money goal as to where the money would go. Remember to have consensus with the rest of the siblings of course.

Family savings

This is ideal for parents who have kids. They too can be able to participate in the challenge young as they are. This can be a good financial training on their end, since they can engage themselves to save. They might not contribute much especially if they are not earning yet however this is a good savings training to them. Tell them why the family is doing this and why they must save for the challenge with the rest of the members. You can then use the money to buy gifts for everyone, celebrate New Year and even go on a vacation as a family.

Barkada/Officemate savings

"Sheila Fernandez: My officemates are up for the 52 Week Savings Challenge!"

Don’t just limit the challenge within your family’s circle. You can in fact extend the challenge among your friends and officemates. Simply divide the contribution amount by the number of friends or officemates that you have. Then, pool in your money or your salaries every week in order to reach the amount. And when you’ve reached the 52nd week, use the money to go on a trip with your friends or officemates. Go somewhere and have a year-end vacation. You can also use the money for your own parties or celebrations. 

These are just great suggestions that will surely make the 52 Week Money Challenge easier and more fun on your end. At least you get to involve other people with it making the weekly savings easier and lighter. Plus, you can also be able to teach them the value of savings.

Bottom line is it is you and your family, siblings, loved one, friends, barkada who will benefit in the end. The money that all of you saved would certainly be useful for you by the end of the challenge. Aside from gaining financial responsibility and be financially smart, you and the rest would surely grow close as you proceed with the challenge. How much more if you finish it.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenger Version 2, it is Week 3 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?