Gifts I'm Willing To Spend For

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I am pretty certain that most of you are almost done with your gift shopping. Good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back. You did a great job my friend!

However, if you are still finding a great gift for your family or loved ones, do not be sad. There are still others out there who are still mall hopping and thinking what to give for Christmas. I know I’ve posted a Kuripot’s Guide to Buying Gifts before. However, there are still gifts that even a kuripot like me would be willing to spend for. Regardless of price tags, these I would be willing to give. I’m willing to set aside frugality here. Before jumping in to any conclusion, hear out the reasons per item first.

Books. This is one great gift to give not only during Christmas and one of the most usable items as well. As a matter of fact, you are not only giving a book per se. You are also giving your recipient the gift of imagination, creativity and knowledge. There’s more to a book than pages on its content. Plus it can last for so long. It can run for generations depending on how well the book is taken cared of. Though there are book sales around, nothing beats the smell of a new book as you skim through its pages. That is why, regardless of price, I am willing to spend for this kind of gift.

Education. This is pretty expensive yet one of the most fruitful gifts one can ever give to someone. To start, you can sponsor a cousin or a relative. It may be his or her elementary education, high school, technical vocations and college. I have been fortunate to finish college with a scholarship. My master’s degree in a way or another is courtesy of the school I’m currently working in. That is why I would also like to return the favour by sponsoring a relative or two and even your siblings too. You can give this kind of gift to other people. You can literally help change their lives.

Jewelries. I know these are pretty expensive gifts. But again, these are items I’m willing to spend on. The reason being jewelries are included is the notion that this lasts long like the books. You can past the items to your kids, grandkids and so on. One can also use the jewelries to pawn during troubled times. I remember my parents doing this before.

Giving gifts most especially to our family and loved ones requires no amount. I am sure anyone would be willing to spend anything for them. This also holds true for me. So what are the gifts you would like to spend for?

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